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Understanding your peer graded assignment brief


What is a Peer Graded Assignment?

Peer Graded Assignments steps have been designed specifically for ExpertTracks to provide you with a chance to develop a deeper insight into the quality of your work through the review of your course peers.

What happens in a Peer Graded Assignment?

We suggest that you download the template provided at the bottom of the page and create your assignment in the downloaded template. This would give you the opportunity to perfect your ideas and to check that you have completed all the sections required. You may wish to review parts of this course or do some other research before submitting and sharing with your course peers.

When you have completed your assignment, you can move to the next step, where you’ll submit your responses to five Task Prompts by typing or pasting into the submission boxes.

Review and grade two submissions from other learners. You will be asked to review, and grade two submissions form other learners using the marking criteria provided.

Check back later to view your grade. You will be notified by email when your grade is ready.

Assignment summary:

This week we have been talking about the fundamentals of good marketing, communication plans and how to write a brief that would ensure the team is all on the same page with regards to the marketing campaign.

Your assignment

Before a marketing campaign kicks off there needs to be a brief that provides the team with details on what’s required, by whom, by when, and what the budget is. For this assignment you are going to submit a creative marketing brief for a campaign to launch a new application for a brand or organisation with which you are familiar.

Assignment Requirements

This assignment is in five tasks. In the submission step you will see a Prompt to submit six tasks. You must complete all the section provided in each task prompt to get the total amount of points allocated to the task.

Task Prompt 1: Provide the brief with a creative heading (1 point) and add the content of the background (1 point) and objective (1 point) sections of the template to the text field below. Add headings for each section.

Task Prompt 2: Add the content for the insight (1 point), messaging (1 point) and product (1 point) sections of the template to the text field below. (1 point)

Task Prompt 3: Add the content for the single-minded proposition (1 point), audience (1 point) and Call to action (CTA) (1 point) sections of the template to the text field below.

Task Prompt 4: Add the content for the competitive analysis (1 point), channel / assets (1 point) and budget (1 point) sections of the template to the text field below.

Task Prompt 5: Add the content for the training (1 point) and the approval (1 point) sections of the template to the text field below.

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