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Converting a fraction to a percentage

We can apply the knowledge we have about the connections between fractions decimals and percentages.
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When converting from a fraction to a percentage, we aim to find an equivalent fraction where the denominator is 100.
However, it is not always obvious how to scale a fraction so that the denominator is 100. We can therefore apply the knowledge we have about the connections between fractions decimals and percentages.
To convert a fraction to a percentage we need two facts:
  • We can express a fraction as a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator.
  • We can express a decimal as a percentage by multiplying by 100.
The following flow chart shows how \(\frac{13}{40}\) can be expressed as 0.325 and 32.5%.
Flow chart converting fraction to decimal to a percentage: thirteen fourtieths, 13 divided by 40, gives 0.325, multiplied by 100, gives 32.5


Express \(\frac{3}{7}\) as a percentage. Post your answer below.
Highlight any problems or issues your think students may have completing this task.

Problem worksheet

Now complete questions 5 and 6 from this week’s worksheet.
As a reminder, the worksheet can be found in the first unit of this week.
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