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Number sequences

This week we explore a variety of types of number sequence and the mathematics behind them.
PAULA KELLY: Welcome to the final week of our course. This week it’s all about sequences in number. A number sequence is a list of numbers that are linked by rule. If we can see a pattern, we can look at the rule. If we know the rule, we can work out the next number, the 10th number, the 100th number in that sequence.
MICHAEL ANDERSON: Humans are programmed to spot patterns. Sequences can appear quite abstract and theoretical, but they can also appear in nature, often in unusual places. By learning about sequences, we can understand more about the world around us. We can use them to generalise, to make predictions, and to model the real world.
PAULA KELLY: Be sure to attempt this week’s questions as you go through each step, and post your comments in the sections at the bottom of each page.
Welcome to week four of the course.
Last week we explored negative numbers, saw the order in which operations should be performed and looked at how to express solutions in exact form.
This week we explore a variety of types of number sequence and the mathematics behind them.


To begin this week we’d like you to share your understanding of sequences.
What types of sequences are you aware of already? You may have heard of specific sequences, or know some number sequences. Share these below.
By the end of the week, you should be in a more confident position to explain the mathematical rules underpinning them.
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