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Why does media matter for development?

Why does media matter for development
Media is an integral part of raising public awareness of hunger, poverty, climate change and refugees and getting understanding and support from people. I think the media matters in development because it looks beyond the idea of just reporting on a story but how does a story influence policy makers to take critical development programs in communities that are in need and i think that’s a crucial role. At its most powerful it has the potential to shift power dynamics by making sure that the world’s most marginalized perspectives are seen and heard and really that is what is at the heart of lasting social change.
Media is an essential part of international development and without media there wouldn’t be a way which is accessible or digestible for the general population to learn about development and there wouldn’t be a way in which development professionals can share their ideas or influence the general population. Information is very critical when it comes to development and what carries information it’s the media and so the fact that media creates a platform for us to have a conversation about problems and possibly solve them makes media very very important and a key factor in development.
Media is absolutely fundamental when it comes to international development namely because it enables us to hold politicians and governing bodies to account through various media outlets and media spaces and platforms but equally because it enables us to tell stories that are relevant to different cultures and in different contexts which truly help engage with people on the ground and resonate with those that are most likely to end up change. Media matters for development because it bridges the existing narrative and gives opportunity for a balanced conversation between different societies in the world it allows for the immediate ability for people to tell their own story in their narrative and understanding.

Watch the video above to hear different views about why media matters for development.

How do you think the media can help tackle poverty and inequality? What examples or experiences have motivated you to take this course? Are there other ideas not mentioned in the video?

Post a comment below explaining why you think media is important for development. Be as specific as you can – perhaps by giving an example. Read other learners’ comments as well.

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Why Does Media Matter for Development?

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