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Why Does Social Media Matter for Development

What does social media matter for development?
I think social media is one of the biggest  opportunities of our time. To a large extent   is good the smaller extent is bad. I think  social media is important for development   because it allows for cultural exchange. We’ve  been able to reach out to new markets, new   investors, new partners using social media  like our current investor we met on Twitter   and this to me is how i think social media is very  important to development. It brings in more actors   than the development actors that they’re used to  you know NGOs and the big companies now everyone   down to what we like to call one to one see the  ordinary person can be part of the development   conversation.
Social media has largely  helped me to bridge the gap between clients   and my products or designs or even communicating  at a very low price. Whenever I have a new product   i’ll just put it on my status and many people  will see. As a performer and as a visual artist   I get to reach out to a wide network of  people and share my craft and my practice.   E-commerce marketplaces that help emerging African  brands and makers to sell more to the world. We   make a regular backpack you can pull it out and  assemble your own little seat and this makes   classrooms inclusive without Facebook or  Instagram change like this would be hard to pursue.

Watch this video, where we asked a number of individuals in Kampala, Uganda why they think social media matters for development.

Do you agree or disagree with any of these statements?

Most of the statements are about the positive effects of social media – what examples are there from your country where social media has a negative impact on development?

Use the comment link below to post your ideas.

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Why Does Media Matter for Development?

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