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Case Study – Public health awareness

Case Study - Public Health Awareness
Hello I’m here at Reach a Hand Uganda based  in Kampala. Reach a Hand is an organization that   we’ve worked with over the years we’ve had lots  of students come here and they’re a fantastic   youth-based organisation that work with public  health and what interests me the most about the   organization is the way that they use social  media to educate people about health issues.  My name is Ibrahim voice of a tambourine I’m the  communications and advocacy manager at Reach a Hand   Uganda what Reach a Hand Uganda does for close to  10 years now our forecast has been major on sexual   productive health and rights HIV aids awareness  and professions as well as livestreams evolving   for young people and for close to 10 years now  we’ve been designing projects and programs that   appeal to a young person in a language that they  understand using interventions like social media,   community and interpersonal programs as  well as high-level advocacy platforms.
You guess which team is going  to win the champions league final   that’s definitely that’s i’m going with Liverpool.
We use social media to educate adults and young  people through different avenues so we use that   360 degrees um approach to social media we’re on  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and we have even an   ecosystem called Sauti plus. Introducing to you the  new age Sauti plus mobile app a safe space for the   young people with reliable accurate and convenient  sexual and reproductive health and rights   information for young people. get advice from the  Sauti plus player and tailored stories on sexual   and reproductive health and rights topics.
We try  to choose a topic for example tonight pregnancies   and we ask ourselves how does a young person  understand this kind of conversation for over   time we’ve been criticized our field for being so  technical we’d always push out statistics and not   people do not understand anything so we’ve been  able to use social media by using infographics   to explain this in a in a very easy way for young  people to understand but through Sauti plus system   which has now evolved this year we’ve been using  an electronic referral system we’ve been using   um an app which has been on our Google Play store  and it’s now moving to iOS and we have also been   using our photo which now summarizes all the  interventions on social media into one platform   making it a 360 degrees approach to use  of social media by young people from us.   Don’t be left behind download the app now Sauti  plus reliable accurate and convenient.
We engage   with social media influencers to help us push  our messages further because we realize we are   trying to do most of our parts of the work but we  need other people to amplify our work so we use   influencers for example Navio Josted the  nationality and Alan Phonics uh Magnificosy   and quite other influential people in communities  and societies so these are individuals that   people look up to. Together will come with  me the amazingly highly talented Allan Tonik.  
Yes okay yes okay guys welcome welcome welcome  to this entertainment edition I hope you guys are   doing well it’s a quarantine thing but you  know we have to keep it real keep it light   keep it entertaining no matter what we’re going  through we have to try and keep hope up and keep a   smile on our faces so thank you for tuning in yes  brought to you by Sauti plus TV and Reach a Hand.   Yeah And for us our model that we use  we use people that individuals and   young people look up to so if we’re able to  use individuals like Navio on social media   we get them messages we they try to even ask  us how can they be able to utilize this method   sometimes they even take initiative when  they get back to us and say hey Reach a   hand today is what is there do you have any  message for me to push oh this is what i have   how can you help me frame it better in case  you want me to be guided so that is how we’ve   been able to use influencers to reach a wide  range of young people even while we can pitch.

Reach a Hand Uganda (RAHU) is a youth centered organisation focusing on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on Livelihoods & Skills Development, Behaviour Change Communication, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

Twitter is one of the most important social media tool for RAHU as media houses often pick up on the most trending hashtags. One campaign back in 2014 deliberately provoked a social media discussion around the age of sexual consent. Two members of RAHU staff were training a group of 15 young people aged 20-30 about the benefits of using social media. During the workshop they demonstrated the power of Twitter by setting up the hashtag #consentat14. The age of consent in Uganda is currently 18 but teenage pregnancy is prevalent, so the group asked provocative questions such as ‘Have parents failed their children in education about safe sex’ and ‘Has the government failed in promoting contraception.’ The hashtag had over 900,000 impressions and received interest from TV, Radio and newspapers including Urban TV and XFM.

More recently, The SautiPlus campaign has been developed by Reach A Hand Uganda to embrace the growing and innovative technologies in social media, radio and TV, mobile phones, print and digital media. These media are used to address sexual reproductive health and rights issues that affect young people in and out of school ranging from HIV/AIDS, relationships, life skills, teenage pregnancy, child marriage. As part of the campaign there is an App which has been designed to use minimal amounts of data.

In the film above, Ibrahim who is the Communications and Advocacy Manager at RAHU also discusses in the film how celebrities are used in Uganda to raise awareness of health issues. We will discuss celebrity humanitarianism more in the next Step.

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