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Welcome to week 4

Welcome to Week 4
Welcome to the fourth and final week of our course.  This week we’re going to explore what public media   is and how it differs from other kinds of media  for example commercial media, community media as   well as state media. We’re going to discuss  some of the key characteristics and values   of public media from editorial independence and  accountability to universal coverage and being   funded by you the public.
We’ll also engage with  the key societal roles of public media we’re going   to use case studies to explore how they inform  educate and entertain their audiences such as   reporting on elections, providing vital information  during times of crisis or natural disasters.   But it’s also true to say that public media has  come under immense pressure in recent years from   funding and sustainability concerns to media  capture political interference and changing   audience behaviors in digital in the digital age  we’ll discuss how public media organizations are   grappling with these challenges and how they’ve  transformed from being traditional broadcasters   to multi-platform providers this session is  led by the Public Media Alliance the largest   association of public broadcasters who advocate  for the core values of public media worldwide.

In this final week of the course, we are going to discuss the role of public media. Watch the video above to find out more.

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Why Does Media Matter for Development?

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