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The plot thickens!

The plot thickens!
DUAL LOYALTIES Two weeks have passed since the bomb blast, and doctor Samoe considers his options. - What can I do? There must be a way to ensure people are safe and feel safe around here. Hundreds of people depend on me… What can I do? A knock at the door snaps Doctor Samoe back to the present. - Come in. - Lieutenant-Colonel Klahan asks to see you. - I’ve been dreading this - Thank you Anong. tell him to come in…and can you make us some tea? - Good morning Colonel, what can I do for you? - Good morning, doctor. If you have time, I would like to exchange some ideas on how to increase security at the hospital.
I was thinking exactly the same thing. The bomb has shaken my personnel and the patients alike. This is not an ideal environment for a hospital! - Well, we have secured the perimeter. And now nobody enters the hospital without a thorough checking. - So I am aware! Complaints from staff have come in about rough treatment of certain patients! There are concerns we are limiting access for those who need care most. - I totally understand your discomfort, doctor. But unusual times require unusual measures. - I guess so. - But here is one concern I would like to share with you. - Go ahead! - I can guarantee that nobody enters the hospital compound while armed.
But I can do little to prevent harm planned from the inside! - Colonel, I’m not following! Please be clear! - Even if someone comes unarmed to the hospital, it doesn’t mean he has no intention of doing harm in the hospital…or elsewhere! A bit of extra information will help us prevent bombs, like the one that hit the hospital! - A bit of “extra information”?! - Yes. I am sure you understand. Knowing details about the patients of this hospital… - what brought them here, who comes to visit, will help us single out potential insurgent supporters…and ultimately prevent other terrorist attacks! - Are you asking what I think you’re asking? - Are you aware that you are asking for privileged information?
That you are asking me to break the patient-doctor trust? - I am aware of the implication of what I am asking. But think how many lives could be saved if you make a little effort, doctor. We are talking not only of the security of this hospital, but the security of your country! I would be careful before acting in a way that can be seen as support of a terrorist organisation! - Tea. Here we go. - Thank you, Anong. - Colonel, I think you have made your point clear. And the only thing I can tell you is that I will consider your….your “suggestion”. - Yes, Doctor Samoe, think about it and think carefully.
Remember: unusual circumstances require unusual measures!
The situation at the healthcare facility has evolved. We now see that healthcare workers are being approached directly by the military and the government.
Do you think Dr Samoe should welcome these new developments? What are some of the risks he faces?
Think back to what you have learnt over the last few steps. Write your comment in the general discussion area below. If someone has already voiced one of your thoughts, try replying to their post and take the discussion forward.
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