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Final comments

Watch Craig and Richard provide their final comments on the course.
CRAIG HASSED: Well, it’s been wonderful to be with you here over these last few weeks, for us to all learn together. Although we’ve been facilitating the course, we’re always actively learning, ourselves. And we’ve been very much enriched by the things that have been shared over these weeks. We’ve gotten a lot out of it. Thank you to all those people behind the scenes that have helped so much. It couldn’t happen without them. So thank you. This is not the end of Mindfulness, for example. This is hopefully a platform for you to launch Mindfulness for the rest of your life.

Watch Craig and Richard provide their final comments on the course.

Don’t forget, mindfulness is a lifelong practice. So while you might have established a meditation practice, built on what you already know or learned to apply some of the principles in your day to day life, it’s about the rest of your life that’s important.

Download and play the meditations

Download and play the meditations that are available throughout this course. It helps to have someone guiding the practice, reminding you to bring your attention back to the breath, or to cultivate attitudes like acceptance and non-judgment.

Once you start to become familiar with meditation, you might like to experiment meditating without the recordings or try setting an alarm on your phone so that you can start to become independent of guided meditations. Doing this will help you to be able to meditate any time, any where.

Tips for living mindfully

Continue to cultivate positive mind states by exploring some of our tips for living mindfully, which you can access from the See also section of this step.

Learning and support outside the course

An option for ongoing learning and support is to find a meditation group in your area, if that’s of interest to you. Having a community of people who are learning and experiencing the same challenges and benefits of mindfulness, and learning from one another can be of great benefit.

Although some regions are more isolated than others, there are a growing number classes offered in community centres, schools, health clinics, yoga schools, churches and other religious and spiritual centres.

Our hope is that your experiences in this course will help you quickly work out whether what they are teaching is congruent with mindfulness or not.

Look for classes that embody a sense of listening, respect and openness. It can also be good to look closely at the personal attributes of the teachers/facilitators and any senior students, as this is what you will be cultivating if you practise there.

If connecting with others online is of interest to you, Richard recommends the Facebook page.

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Maintaining a Mindful Life

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