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Welcome to Mini Medical School: Hot Topics in Medicine

Welcome to Mini Medical School: Hot Topics in Medicine
“Hello, I’m Kelly Higa and I welcome you to the second of the two courses in the University of Colorado Mini Medical School program on FutureLearn! I am a former student of Dr. Cohen. I am a physician-scientist in training, and I am passionate about medical education. I am delighted to join you in this course. In Hot Topics in Medicine Dr. Cohen will introduce you to concepts including immunology, infectious disease, neuroscience, and cancer biology. You will see me in a few videos where I talk about the COVID 19 pandemic. The course covers a number of common medical conditions. Some of these will be wellknown to you as they may have affected you or a loved one.
Others will be familiar due to media coverage. And some, you will learn about for the first time. What we hope is that when you have completed the course, you will be able to identify some of the key signs and symptoms of each of these medical conditions. Dr. Cohen will suggest prevention and treatment strategies in each area discussed. Our goal is for you to develop confidence in your ability to understand what your healthcare providers are telling you. We hope you can learn to ask targeted and informed questions.
With the knowledge you gain from taking Hot Topics in Medicine, we hope that you will become a more equal partner in your own or in supporting others in your lives during their interactions with medical professionals. In the first module we will cover the immune system. See you soon.

Welcome to Mini Medical School: Hot Topics in Medicine! This is the second course in our Mini Medical School Series. If you haven’t yet taken it, we highly encourage you to take our first course, Mini Medical School: Introduction to Medical Science.

We are excited to go through this medical journey with you. Dr. John Cohen MDCM, PhD Professor of Immunology & Microbiology, and Medicine will be diving into several hot topics in medicine today. Cohen has been honored for his innovative and interactive education models, which have served to demystify and communicate the medical sciences. In 2001, he was awarded the Robert J. Glaser Distinguished Teacher Award, a national recognition of exceptional teachers in schools of medicine. He received the AAAS Award for Public Understanding of Science and Technology in 2010.

Kelly Higa, a student in CU’s MD/PhDD program will also be guiding you through each week, checking in to recap the most takeaways from every activity.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Discuss how to make well-informed decisions about illness, wellness, and life-style choices.
  • Reflect on the information gained in this course and how it will impact your interaction with medical professionals in the future.
  • Summarize key concepts surrounding immunology, infectious disease, neuroscience, and cancer biology.
  • Identify key clinical features and management strategies of common diseases discussed in the course.

Let’s get started!

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Mini Medical School: Hot Topics in Medical Science

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