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Week 2 Reflection

Week 2 Reflection
This week, we learned about important infectious diseases and the pathogens that cause them. We learned about treatment and prevention strategies for these infectious diseases. Next week, we will cover neuroscience, the study of the nervous system.
While the MiniMed: Introduction to Medical Science covered the basics of the nervous system and senses, in this course, Dr. Cohen will delve into the higher functioning brain processes of learning and memory. He will then cover common psychiatric and neurologic disorders. See you soon!

You made it through week 2. Congrats! We hope you enjoyed the content and engaged with your peers.

This week we dove into infectious diseases. We highlighted a few common diseases including Malaria, Tuberculosis, and Influenza. We looked at how antibiotics work in the body. Then we investigated a few emerging infectious diseases.

We hope you leave this week being able to identify clinical features of infections by common pathogens and reflect on the complexity and history of antibiotic resistance. We have given you the tools to be able to summarize ways to prevent and treat infection by common pathogens to further discuss how to make well-informed decisions about illness, wellness, and life-style choices.

As we continue to week 3, we will be focusing on neuroscience. You will see similarities between neuroscience and immunology!

See you in week 3!

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