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Students’ tips on getting the most from an academic library

Students share tips on getting the most from your university library.
My biggest tip about making the most of the library was go as soon as possible even just during Freshers Week. You don’t have to do any work. You don’t have to get any books out. Just go and explore, get to grips with the layout of the library, and keep an eye out for any nooks and spaces where you can really see yourself being comfortable and being able to focus. It means that when you do have your assignments you do have your reading list you can go and you could think, yes there’s that really lovely sunny spot overlooking that park where I can go and sit for a few hours and get this reading done.
My top tip for the library would be to take a friend with you and don’t talk to them, but you can hold each other accountable. Like if my friends sees me scrolling on my phone, they know to take my phone off me, and it’s really good for like getting out of your room and going somewhere else to study, and it provides that sort of divide which can be really necessary. My top tip for the library sounds quite simple but it’s true… make really sure you’re making the most of the library website.
It took me until the second year ,to find the 24/7 live chat feature, so if you can’t find a book or journal article and there’s no staff at the library it connects you with someone, a librarian from across the world, and they’re really useful and that it really helps. It’s worth working when you work best so I work best at night-time. Fortunately the library is open 24/7 if you’ve had a really busy and and think ‘I can go and get some work done now’ then Go and spend a couple of hours in the library at night-time when you know you work best.

Watch the video above for students’ top tips on getting the most out of the library.

Below is another video made at the University of York as part of a collaboration between the library and students (the library at York is called the Morrell library).

Your library might look a bit different but the ideas here will still apply.

This is an additional video, hosted on YouTube.

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