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Minor imbalanced diet is common. it is mainly because we do not get enough variety of food. For example, traditional Taiwan breakfast has no vegetable or fruits. And if one chooses beef noodles or fried dumplings with sour-and-spicy soup for lunch, These food choices do not fit our health guideline for the food pyramid that contains all types of nutrients. If we do not have a food-variety diet that contains 6 essential groups of nutrtion this type of diet, we will call it imbalanced diet. Imbalanced diet in the short term will not cause individual serious clinical symptoms or diseases.
However, it will gradually affect our body, we called this “abnormal metabolism” We intake nutrients and our body metabolize these energies to serve our body needs If our intake of nutrients is incomplete it will definitely affect our metabolism. In Chinese medicine, there is a type of body condition called sub-health. If you are in sub-health condition, you may feel fatigued, lack of strength, hard to focus, not feeling good, etc. You can view this condition as a nature prewarning of our body. When we go for health examination the result tells our body are in normal status. Actually, sub-health is difficult to detect. Sub-health origins from our bad life habits.
And years after, there is high potential that we get hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia eventually will lead to chronic diseases. So this is the process of how imbalanced diet lead to imbalanced nutrients intake and then your body starts to react abnormal metabolism and finally lead to clinical symptom, chronic disease in the end. This is a step by step process. Chronic disease includes cancers, cerebrovascular diseases, and heart diseases, high blood pressure. One of the main reason for chronic diseases comes from bad habits, or improper lifestyle and diet. From the imbalanced diet that we talked about above Abnormal metabolism can affect body organs and as a result, deteriorate function of organs and shortens our lifespan. Most people will catch illnesses when aging.
Serious illness might shorten life span. It is difficult to avoid all kind of disease when we aged. According to our statistics, 90% of people in Taiwan die of illness, only 10% of people die of aging. Nutrients imbalance and illness are closely related.




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