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I’m Laura Sach, Senior Learning Manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and I am your lead educator for this course. I am part of the Education team and I write lots of the projects you can find on the Raspberry Pi website. I have taught Computer Science at both primary and secondary level for nine years and have also worked as a developer.

This course is designed to take you through four weeks of learning about object-oriented programming. It is aimed at educators who have some basic experience with Python, but have never programmed in the object-oriented style. At the end of the course you will understand the difference between procedural and object-oriented programming styles. The course is very practical, giving you a chance to apply new knowledge by completing a range of programming tasks. If you wish, you can reuse these tasks to teach your own learners.

We have filled this course with opportunities for you to reflect on your learning and to develop ideas for your classroom practise. Throughout, there are regularly scheduled discussions during which educators can learn from each other – please use these sessions to ask questions and help others.

I recommend that you follow the course steps by first watching each screencast video for an overview, then writing your code using the written steps on the course page to help you.

Join your fellow learners in sharing what you’re excited to learn about, using the comment box below.

Important note for teachers in England: In order to get free upgraded access to this course, and to use it towards your National Centre for Computing Education certification, you must have joined the course through a link from the Teach Computing website. If you have not, please join the course on this page and accept the invite on the next page. Failure to do this will mean that you will lose access to the course and it will not be counted towards the certification. Your eligibility for bursary payments may also be affected.

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Object-oriented Programming in Python: Create Your Own Adventure Game

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