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Welcome to Week 2

Watch Paddy and Emma introduce the three big issues; globalisation, technology and sustainability covered on Week 2 of this free, online course.
Welcome back. I hope you were successful last week in finding a suitable property or site to do your own stakeholder analysis. This week, we’re going to be thinking critically about who wins and who loses in the property development and management process. We’re going to look at some of the big issues that affect the financing, development, and management of property. We’ve got three things for you guys to look at– sustainability, globalisation, and the role of technology. Each of these things have important roles in influencing how the property needs of society are met or not.
For example, in my role, we’re always looking at the international demand for students around the world, as well as the ongoing need for connectivity between people and buildings. Now, you’re going to be thinking about how these issues play out in the International Quarter London. And you’ll be having some expert guidance from some of my colleagues at the University in order to help you do this. I’m pretty sure you guys are going to have some really interesting views to debate.

Welcome to Week 2.

Watch Paddy and Emma introduce the topics you will cover this week. Although there are many significant issues affecting property, you will focus on three throughout this week; sustainability, globalisation and technological change.

You’ll explore each of these issues in detail, drawing on the experience of International Quarter London (IQL) and lecturers at the Henley Business School. You’ll also be asked to share your findings from the activity at the end of last week – so keep your notes to hand as you move on to the next Step.

Hear from our course team

Our educators/mentors will be joining the course discussions between 28 June and 18 July and will try and answer as many of your questions as possible, although they won’t be able to reply to everyone.


Don’t forget the A-Z glossary which includes definitions of key property-related words and phrases.

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