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Planning units of learning: examples

In this step we explore two example planning documents, showing branching of learning objectives based on assessments of student learning.
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There are lots of different ways medium term plans can be developed that support flexibility through a unit of learning.
Linked at the bottom of this step under ‘Downloads’, we have provided examples of medium term plans. These have been constructed to allow for flexibility through the learning. We are not saying that these are perfect examples; rather they are exemplars to stimulate your thinking and provide you with ideas.
You will notice that in each of the medium term plans the first page maps out the learning intentions of the unit. The learning ‘flows’ up from the bottom of the chart with ideas building as pupils progress up it. Opportunities to ‘branch off’ to consolidate or extend pupils’ learning are highlighted.
The second page mirrors the first so that ideas of teaching activities that could be undertaken to move the pupils through the topic are shown. The teaching activity boxes map to the relevant learning intentions boxes on the first page. Ideas are also provided for teaching approaches that can be used to consolidate or extend pupils if needed.
The units can be discussed and reviewed with colleagues during the teaching with ‘branching’ points added as teachers evaluate pupils learning throughout the unit. In this way the examples are the basic skeleton of the unit that will evolve over time, as teachers develop their formative practices.
In the next step we will ask you to consider how you can apply any ideas you have encountered to your own medium term planning and assessment practices.


What three features would you expect to be included in a medium term planning document to help you plan for learning?
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Planning for Learning: Formative Assessment

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