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What are the jobs of the future?

What are the jobs of the future? These are some examples of the jobs your child will be developing in their career.
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In previous sessions we have mentioned how specific industries are undergoing major changes.

We asked you to think about your current roles and how they may change in the future. Some of the statistics about job roles being lost can be scary – however loss of roles in the workforce does not mean there will be mass unemployment. There will be many new job roles that won’t have existed before. There is a lot of opportunity out there, here are some examples provided by Adrien Book*:

Smart City Analyst With the increasing use of smart cars, drones and changes in city behaviour there is a need to design future cities.

Ethics Specialist Companies will have to take responsibility in creating a better company and world. The Ethics Officer is the individual responsible for this task.

Digital Store Associate Imagine was a physical market. How large would it be? How lost would we get? How many sales advisers would we need to please everyone? Digital brands recruit Digital Store Associates to create a pleasant online shopping experience.

Chief Trust and Security Officer With the increase of Fake News and cyber attacks, a CTSO ensures customers can trust the company with their private data.

Ad-Blocking Technician New technologies will create a whole new world for advertisers. Ad-blockers will be needed to spot adverts embedded within virtual worlds.

Predictive Customer Service Agent Based on customers’ profiles and shopping habits, a company can anticipate problems before they arise. This role will improve customer satisfaction.

Personal Data Representative A Personal Data Representative ensures a customers’ data is not used without consent.

Augmented Reality Storyteller With gamification growing users ask the augmented reality experience to have better storylines. This job will allow companies to create new training methodologies and marketing opportunities.

New Worlds Architect Virtual reality and augmented reality provide new worlds where users “live”, like the metaverse. This role requires the same skills asked of video-game designers to build virtual worlds.

Man-Machine Collaboration Analyst Automation is likely to impact a significant percentage of jobs in the very near future. This role will ensure a company makes good decisions during the automation process.

IT Facilitator Technology is playing a big role in companies. The IT facilitator will ensure everyone understands those technologies in a business setting.

According to the World Economic Forum, nearly two thirds of primary school children will hold jobs in the future that don’t yet exist. The above are just an example of the types of roles that are starting to develop, you may recognise some of the roles, and see similarities to current roles in existence.

As roles change so will the the culture of work. Currently SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and freelancers represent 70% of employment worldwide (International Labour Organization). Within these smaller businesses and teams it is predicted that 73% of them will have remote workers by 2028 (Upwork). These latter two stats show that with the fourth Industrial Revolution there is not only a shift in the jobs and roles that are available but also a shift in how the workforce will carry out their roles.

Let us know of any other emerging roles you know about or can predict in the future in the comments below.

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**Book, A. 18 Jobs of the Future (no one is prepared for). 02/14/2021. Cult by Honeypot.

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