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Your One Line Tagline.

Learn more about using one line tagline in your career profile.
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© Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur 2020

Download the worksheet now or read the exercise here.

Write your one-line tagline.

Tools: Pen, paper, scissors and your phone to record yourself on.

Time: 20 mins


Step 1: First, consider what is going to make your own ‘intro’ impactful.
Some examples of things you might want to add into it are:

Your ‘Why?’ / purpose

Perhaps your education

Your experience

Any accomplishments

Step 1: Start to build your one-line tagline.

You can write out step one’s answers on pieces of paper and cut them out. Then place them in different orders and try speaking them out loud.

You’re looking for three to five main things that you want to be known for.

Example: “Hi, I’m (your name), I work in (industry) and I am currently (role). My motivation is to (your motivation) and I have begun the path to making that happen by (what you are doing).”

“Hi, I’m (your name), I work in (industry) and my motivation is to (your motivation). In the last year, I have achieved (add in here). In order to continue with this, I am looking for (add specifics here) support.”

This new structure will create how you will communicate that in one or two sentences.

Step 2: Record yourself on video five times OR say this out loud in the mirror so you can see yourself as you speak it and notice your body language.

This is the best way to get really comfortable with saying this out loud. It will allow you to analyse your body language, facial expressions and create space for a more confident you as you practice this.

Step 3: Meet five different people online or in-person and practice it with them.

This may be a challenge, but try it with five different people you know, perhaps on Zoom with work colleagues. Try it both with new people and with people who know you.

End result: You will have your one line tagline that you can share with the world. Use it and start to notice the difference it makes in how clearly you come across and the opportunities it creates.

Download and use our interactive worksheets digitally or print them out if preferred.


© Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur 2020
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