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Evaluation of skills & strengths

AllBright. Project You: Supercharge your career. Acknowledge your strengths. Knowing your skills. Self-evaluation exercise. Read and take Sonya Barlow
AllBright, Project You: Supercharge your career. Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur
© Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur 2020

Use our interactive worksheets digitally, or print them out if preferred.

Evaluation of your skills and strengths

Tools: Pen and paper Time: 20 mins Instructions: Let’s define and outline five core skills you have.

Using the 3 S’s: Identify a Skill Share your Success Story So What?

Step 1: In order to identify them, brain dump all of your skills here:

Step 2: Now with each skill, or your top 10, identify a success story that goes with it.

No / Skill / Success Story / So What?

1 – 10

Step 3: So What? What impact did you make? How did it make you feel? What was the result?

Step 4: When you have them all outlined in the table, reflect and ask yourself this:

Q. Does my current job and career choice allow me to enhance, utilise and showcase the skills I have and that are unique to my knowledge and experience?

If yes, that’s awesome. Perhaps it’s time to nourish them even further by taking a new course.

If it is a no, then it might be time to start exploring new opportunities or start considering how you can bring these skills you have uncovered to the table within your current role at work.

Download and use the interactive worksheets digitally, or print them out if preferred.

Why not share with us one skill you have uncovered and the success story that goes with it in the comments.

© Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur 2020
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