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Exploring opportunities & taking risks.

AllBright.Supercharge your career. Knowing your barriers to success. Exploring opportunities and taking risks. Read and take Sonya Barlow’s exercise.
AllBright, Project You: Supercharge your career. Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur
© Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur 2020

Exploring opportunities and taking risks.

You can download and use our interactive worksheets digitally or print them out if preferred. Alternatively you can read it below.

Tools: Courage & Tenacity – pen & paper.

Instructions: Say yes to something new and do it.

Step 1: Step out of your comfort zone.

Identify what feels comfortable to you in terms of your career / work. This will likely be what you are already doing.

Note. When I say ‘comfortable’ it might not feel comfortable to you, it is simply perhaps what you have told yourself you are capable of doing or allowed to do within the parameters you have created for yourself at work.

These might be based or attached to your; gender, age, education, background, life experience, any aspect of your identity.

Consider this, write it down.

Now write out what would feel uncomfortable to you in terms your career / work, Note. These actually might mean letting go of what you think you know you can do and who you think others see you as.

These will likely be things that will take a little effort from you, maybe an investment of your time, or even money in order to develop yourself, learn a new skill.


Being recognised for doing a good job

Getting a promotion

Applying for the jobs, role or company you want to step into.

To start the business you dream to create

To go freelance

Consider this, write it down.

Step 2: What is one small step you can make towards achieving one thing on this list?

Write it down.

Step 3: Start saying yes to opportunities that come your way.

Step 4: Wing it! Strategically, that is. Say yes to things you know you can do 60% of and figure the 40% out later.

Remember that all of this can be fun. Making mistakes is actually a good thing. It means you are trying new things. Learning what it looks like when you get outside of your comfort zone and take small steps towards what you want at work.

© Sonya Barlow, Entrepreneur 2020
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