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Ignite’s Safeguarding Video for CUSP

Watch this video made by Ignite Theatre, in which a group of young people (15-22 years old) from Scotland present what makes them feel safe.
Hi my name is Marlon. I’m one of the founding members of Ignite. We wanted to show you how important it is to keep children and adults safe when you’re working with them. This first drama scene shows how it feels when a teacher befriends a pupil.
You getting picked up. Yeah, I think Mom just running really badly.
People a.
You can’t trust them. I mean, I think I think she’s just at the shop, so it’s it’s not. Not that not that bad.
Don’t rely on people, Nathan. That’s my advice to you.
come alone you. You you get me, you could see that.
Look, why do you? Why don’t I just give you a lift? She’s just showing the corner honestly look. I’m right there, you might as well just jump in with me. That’s actually her. She’s just. She’s just told me just to walk. I’m just gonna be so I’ll probably see you next. Maybe see you next week, right?
Come early and we can. We can talk.
It seems like an ACE guy. But I really don’t want to be singled out. A teacher driving you home. What’s that about? I can sense that he’s unhappy, but. I just don’t want special treatment. And I just can’t cope with adult problems. I hate that. When you see someone in the group getting special attention, you always wonder what’s really going on between them. I just really don’t want to be one of those people in the group that’s always talked about. That would really freak me out.
Is it right to put a young person in that position? What about in an adult group? Is it OK to single someone out, drive them home, befriend them? It is vital you respect the boundaries. You create a safe space at Ignite. We love working in a circle. Each person is seen and heard equally.
Or because I can’t read or write very well. Pushing them dumb, but I’m not. I wish they didn’t and just stop and help someone who’s having difficulty learning.
Skills, a place that often uses the word equality, but you asked me they should practice what they preach. And my skill we were told to cover our ankles for a long period of time. As it turned certain teachers on. The teachers were never identified. It can be scary joining a new job, a new activity group space for me. I worry about being transgender. Sometimes people might get the wrong pronouns or use the wrong name. And when people do that on purpose, it can be very hurtful. It’s a major red flag. If I step into a space and someone is actively trying not to respect me.
If I go into a space, it can be the simplest thing as asking my name, asking my pronouns and using them. That can make me brave enough to step through that door.
Making this film created many conversations between us about how each of us have been mistreated because of race, gender, sexuality. Or disability. Here is one of these conversations.
Oh, did I tell you what happened to me? Actually, what happened? So I was. As always, our placement and we get this person and they speak Arabic and stuff. And so one of the ladies came in and was like do you know how to say this name online? No. This guy who they are speaking at every well. I don’t speak Arabic socially. What you know exactly exactly and like I didn’t. I didn’t understand well I didn’t understand it at first and then I was like oh wait, is it ‘cause I’m wearing this? I don’t speak Arabic, I’m not from Asia so I wouldn’t know how to say that name or so frustrating.
It was really frustrating and I don’t like things like that. Do you ever find things like that frustrating? Yeah, I mean not like another language sounds so, but like sometimes when you’re out or like.
What you’re reading this?
The asking Portage and stuff because they’re showing bad and bad.
Yeah, sorry. So when there’s open America and I had leggings on went to school there and I got called out by the head. What do you mean called out what she told me to come here and she told me to go get a pair of shorts and put load my leg. That’s garbage because if the drugs cold over there. But it’s great because like seem as normal here. Yeah, I mean I, I do like leggings. I like tights. I like yeah, I feel like they’re comfortable and stuff like that. I I can’t I I actually can’t believe in America, yeah, that’s tight. That’s a local carbage. Yeah I.
I feel like if we are saying that leaders should wear tights or whatever clothes they’re choosing to wear, then there should be a restriction on what kind of things men get to wear or get to say, because they’re basically the people who make the rules. Men make the rules. Where’s your head? Teacher? Menorah female. It was a woman. ** Oh my God, I know. And I bet you because you were headscarf high all the time. Like in some guys say to me. So are you back into being a real woman now? Like are you submissive and? Are you being forced to do this like you even don’t know? The first thing about me?
Yeah, literally like, it’s a crazy thing to think that. I chose to wear the scarf by myself. No one or any outside parties came to me saying you have to do this because I don’t think like because I’m such a strong headed person. I don’t think I would have done it. If somebody told me to do it. I mean, I feel like you should be able to wear what you want, how you want it, ‘cause. I mean, it’s your choice, isn’t it? Yeah, but you’re not hurting. You’re not hurting anybody. Love that.
In this next dramatized scene, we want you to show the emotional effect when a teacher pupil relationship becomes intimate.
We’ve got that math thing. I’m going to skip it what you can. Watch me, it’s like the prelim. I’m not, I just can’t.
Is it true? Then have it you and him what you ever seen at the weekend by who? What is that matter? It’s not right. We’re both consenting adults. Do that to your mom and you feel your exam.
What can I do? I don’t want to report the teacher, but I know I should click my best pal. He still in his life, honey.
I mean the teacher. He’s the one with all the power. Craig needs these grades to get into uni.
I can’t you see he’s throwing his life away. I don’t know what to do. He’d listen to me anyway.
I’d only look back on this one day and see it for what it is. Abuse.
Abuse of trust can ruin a young person’s life choices. As a teacher, you are there to empower those who you work with.
We’ve shown examples of male behavior, but women do and can abuse the trust of young people and children.
If you suspect abuse, it is your duty to report that person safeguarding is everyone responsibility. And cost has created a clear system of reporting which is there to help you through.
We appreciate the chance to share our experiences with you. We wish you all the best with your group and your project. What follows are the links from CASP to help you create a safe space for yourself as a facilitator and for those in your care. Thank you for watching.
This world no sense of direction. Make friends with the animals living in nature. Life is adventure from beginning to end and looking for a purpose. No different, we’re all the same.
This place.
Back to the start.

To help CUSP’s international partners engage with safeguarding and safeguarding issues, we worked with CUSP’s UK non-academic partner, Ignite Theatre. They were tasked with reading the written safeguarding document and ‘translating’ it into a visual tool.

Please, now watch the video that Ignite Theatre company made. In this film, a group of young people (15-22 years old) from the UK, Scotland, present different sketches of their lived experiences. They were guided by questions such as: What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel valued?

The video is their interpretation of what safeguarding means to them, as young people living in Scotland. As you watch it, please think about the many other contexts CUSP works in and/or of international research contexts which you have experience of and reflect on the following question:

To what extent is this interpretation ‘universal’ and to what extent is it context-specific?

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