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Sending unconscious messages to your students

Teachers reflect on the way that mirroring responses are visible in their students. Enthusiasm, confidence and interest in the subject are highlighted
Where, someone will come in, and they’ll be so engaged about their subject, and so passionate that, that reluctance just leaves them and they want to take this knowledge, understand, speak to them. And if I know that they might be reluctant, they might have a particular job or the first question with that person, and I find that as soon as that happens, all reluctance goes. I think they can tell as well if you’re enthusiastic and knowledgeable in your area, I think they really enjoy that. I think it’s like the glass half full. If your teacher is not positive with her thinking or his thinking, it’s going translate with the children, isn’t it?
In the video above, teachers reflect on the way that mirroring responses are visible in their students. Enthusiasm, confidence and interest in the subject are highlighted.
It’s ok to identify areas where you are less confident or not enthused about the topic. You can then find ways to make the topic relevant to your context and interests (just as you would with your students), or undertake professional development that specifically addresses your confidence in that area.


Is there a lesson or topic which you are, or were, less comfortable teaching? Was the way your students responded noticeable in that topic? Capture your thoughts in the discussion below.
It’s important to share where you have similar experiences, so take a look at the comments posted by other learners and reply with your own experience of that topic or teaching situation. Did you do anything to become more interested in the subject?
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