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Before the week starts, consider taking some time to think about ideas and concepts relating to psychology.
Learner thinking about next week.
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Next week, you’ll investigate smell, taste, touch and hearing, find out how these senses help us to perceive the world, examine Gestalt principles of perception and also find out how illusions can impact our performance changing the way we perceive the world.

Before the week starts, consider taking some time to think about:

  • what you know, have seen or your experience with illusions like the Benary cross, the Ponzo illusion, or even the Ebbinghaus illusion.

  • how perceptions could differ from person to person

  • how our perception could be built from sensations, but also how it could be influenced by our own experiences, biases, prejudices, and culture.

  • how our perception goes about organising information in predictable ways.

If you’re unsure of these concepts or unfamiliar with the function and anatomy of our auditory system or chemical and body senses, or even perceptual illusions don’t worry. Next week, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to learn about them all, and more.

See you then!

© Monash University 2020. CRICOS No. 00008C
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Introduction to Psychology: Sensation and Perception

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