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Glossary and essential resources

An introduction to several glossaries and key texts that will support people studying Maritime Archaeology.
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It is impossible to create a definitive glossary covering all of the terminology relating to Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds, so we will indicate several sources of information that you may want to bookmark and refer to throughout the course.
We have also created various resources that we will refer to in detail later on in the course, but we thought it may be helpful to link to all of the key supporting resources within one step, so that you can easily refer back to them.
We will also refer to various kinds of boats and their parts. In Know your boat, we explain what the parts are.
If you want an introductory text to accompany the course, you might want to read:
It is worth noting that while Muckelroy’s text is now over 35 years old, we still see it as relevant to the discipline today. We have published a separate blog post on this to explain why.
N.B. There is no expectation that you will buy/read these books, but we are aware that some learners want to develop their knowledge further.
During the course, we will be referring to two timelines:
We will not be testing your knowledge of terminology beyond the two key differences in constructional technique in the multiple choice quiz!
We are aware that we have a diverse community of learners and are happy to share resources that relate to your part of the world. The links shared below were shared by some of our international learners.
© University of Southampton, 2017
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Shipwrecks and Submerged Worlds: Maritime Archaeology

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