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The social entrepreneur drive

What motivates social entrepreneurs?
In this video, you will hear directly from social entrepreneurs about what inspired them to startup their business. Definitely, the inspiration lies in the ability and the need to do something that is positive, in a world that is over-populated, that is struggling to deal with multifaceted problems from air pollution, to lack of water, to employment. So the main drive is to try and do something in a little way to make this world a better place. I am not sure, but people say that I am a social entrepreneur and actually to be very honest, I am never motivated by profit. You know, my motivation is not profit.
My only motivation and which keeps me motivated is to see the results and the good I do for people. And to see how I make these people happy through the work I do. And to do it sustainably and meaningfully. As much as we use technology, we call our selves a food tech company, there’s a lot of technology that we use for our food ordering, order processing, order tracking, all of that, don’t lose the sight of human beings. Things that breathe are that’s what makes an enterprise a social enterprise. You need to not lose the sight of people who affect your business or who get affected by business. Technology can only be a tool. Today is Web 6.0.
and 35.0 and whatever, whatever… eventually it’s about people. And let’s not lose the sight of people. Since I started this business, I was directly going to the weavers. I didn’t represent the carpet companies, they have so many layers of contractors. So Jaipur Rugs is the only company which eliminated the middle man, going directly to the weavers, giving them very fair wages, giving them the health benefit, education benefit, and increasing their capability, continuously. So that makes a very big difference in the quality, timely delivery, and this gives so many competitive advantages. The founder and his team is always in touch with the grassroots. The actual people who are doing the work for the organization. This is the secret of this organization.
Mr. Chaudhary is always in touch, and his team, along with his team, is always in touch with the artisans. He knows and because he has himself worked with the artisans for 20 years. As trainer, as collective supervisor. So he knows each and everything. He has great passion. Even today, almost 25-30% of his time, he uses to visit the artisans.

What motivates social entrepreneurs?

In contrast to traditional business models, social enterprise models require leaders with a distinctive value orientation. Let’s see what social entrepreneurs themselves say about the type of outlook that drives them.

If you did not get a chance to take the optional survey in Step 2.1, you may wish to take it now as a way to reflect on your own traits and motivating factors.

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Social Enterprise: Business Doing Good

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