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Test: Statistical Analysis in Health Research

This test will assess the understanding of key concepts, data analysis, and interpretation skills

This dataset contains information about healthcare facilities, patient outcomes, and resource availability.

Dataset: Health Research in Conflict-Affected Region

Facility Conflict Intensity Healthcare Resources Patient Recovery Time
A High Limited 12
B Low Moderate 8
C Medium Limited 15
D High Limited 10
E Low Adequate 6
F Medium Moderate 13
G High Limited 9
H Medium Adequate 7
I Low Limited 14
J High Limited 11

Variable Descriptions:

  • Facility: The healthcare facility’s identifier.
  • Conflict Intensity: A measure of the intensity of conflict in the region where the facility is located (e.g., high, medium, low).
  • Healthcare Resources: The level of available healthcare resources at the facility (e.g., limited, moderate, adequate).
  • Patient Recovery Time: The average time (in days) it takes for patients to recover at the facility.

This test will assess the understanding of key concepts, data analysis, and interpretation skills.

Part 1: Multiple Choice Questions (2 points each)

  • What is the variable type for “Conflict Intensity” in the example dataset?
    a. Continuous
    b. Categorical
    c. Ordinal
    d. Nominal
  • In the dataset, which healthcare facility has the lowest average patient recovery time?
    a. Facility A
    b. Facility E
    c. Facility H
    d. Facility I

Part 2: Data Analysis (10 points)

Use the example dataset to answer the following questions:

  • Calculate the mean patient recovery time for facilities with “Limited” healthcare resources.
  • Create a bar chart to visualise the relationship between “Conflict Intensity” and “Average Patient Recovery Time.” Interpret the chart.

Part 3: Interpretation (8 points)

Based on the dataset and your analysis:

  • What conclusions can you draw from the relationship between healthcare resources and patient recovery time?
  • If you were advising healthcare policymakers in this conflict-affected region, what recommendations would you make based on the data?

Part 4: Short Essay (10 points)

Discuss the importance of considering “Conflict Intensity” in health research in conflict settings. How might it affect patient outcomes, resource allocation, and decision-making?

Part 5: Practical Application (10 points)

Imagine you are a healthcare researcher in this conflict-affected region. You’ve identified a new variable, “Availability of Skilled Healthcare Staff,” and collected data. Explain how you would analyse this new variable in the dataset and discuss what implications it might have for healthcare in the region.

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