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Wrapping up the course

Jos van Hillegersberg wraps up this course.
JOS VAN HILLEGERSBERG: We’ve come to the end of our six weeks course in supply chain innovation. I hope you enjoyed the journey. We started by introducing supply chains and supply chain trends, and the need to change supply chains. Then we looked into examples of innovation and what it really is to make supply chains sustainable. We then looked into more detail into ICT and how ICT is really an important driver to make change happen. And we looked at ICT architecture and why you need interoperability and supply chain integration, and why ICT is really needed to make that happen. We looked into more detail into the Internet of Things, and how sensor technology will be a big game-changer for supply chains.
And finally, we looked in more detail in the construction sector, and how the construction industry is a really nice example of how supply chains have to change and how they are changing using new technologies. I hope that by following our course, you’ve really got enthusiastic about learning more about supply chains, and not just getting a lot of knowledge, but also applying this knowledge in practice and making change happen using technologies in a smart way. I wish you a lot of success by learning more into supply chains, become a supply chain expert, and a supply chain entrepreneur and innovator.
You’ve reached the final step of our course on Supply Chain Innovation. Congratulations with this achievement!
Professor Jos van Hillegersberg wraps up this course and says thank you for joining us on behalf of the whole team!
We have really enjoyed producing this course with our team. Even more excited we are about seeing your enthusiasm and commitment in following the learning steps and contributions to the discussions. A true learning community has been created! We hope you will continue to richen your expertise, keep exchanging ideas with your fellow learners and you will contribute a lot to innovation and sustainability in supply chains.
Your feedback is really important to us. Whether you have completed the course or just dipped in and out, it doesn’t matter how far you progressed. We would really like to know how you experienced our course.
We will use your valuable feedback to enhance future versions of this course. Please take a moment to complete the post course survey. This survey takes around 15 minutes.
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Supply Chain Innovation: How Technology Can Create a Sustainable Future

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