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Introduction to the TESSA MOOC by Kris Stutchbury - Making Teacher Education relevant for 21st Century Africa
Teacher in Africa in classroom with group of children
© TESSA shared under Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA / © The Open University

In this course you will:

  • explore what active teaching and learning looks like in practice
  • explore the potential of ICT to support active learning and teaching
  • be introduced to OER in general and, in particular, TESSA resources as a way of supporting teachers in developing active approaches – approaches that may be different from those they experienced when they were at school.

In total there are four weeks that you will need to work through to complete the course. In each week there are a set of steps. On the ‘to do’ page these are shown in white. When you have finished a page click on ‘Mark as complete’. When you go back to the ‘to do’ page the steps you have completed will be marked as blue; steps you have started but not completed will be pink; and the steps you have not done will still be white.

During the course you will be prompted to look at specific course documents. A copy of the document you need in that step will be available at the bottom of the page. Our intention is that these documents will be a resource for you to use with your student teachers after the end of the course. We suggest you download them and store them on your own computer. They are all OER, which can be adapted to suit your circumstances.

At the end of the course there is a test (Step 4.12). To get the certificate you need to score 70% (21/30). You can review the test before you try it by clicking on ‘skip question’. This will give you chance to revise the key points. You get 3 attempts at each question, but for every attempt you lose a mark.

You are not expected to comment here, but if you wish to, say something about why you are studying this course.

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© TESSA shared under Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA / © The Open University
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Making Teacher Education Relevant for 21st Century Africa

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