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Smoking patient summary

Watch Kirstie use Tracey Wilson to demonstrate how people who are trying to quit smoking can seek help from their pharmacist.

Let’s check back with Tracy now. In this short video, you see Tracy visiting her local pharmacist. The pharmacist takes the opportunity to assess Tracy’s readiness to quit smoking. When she discovers that Tracy is thinking about quitting, the pharmacist provides Tracy with information and support that will improve Tracy’s chances of actually quitting. One of Tracy’s options is nicotine patches, which you’ve heard about in this module.
Hi, Tracy. Oh, hey, Laura. How are you? Yeah. Good, thanks. Tracy, we’re running a blood pressure monitoring station this week. And I’d like to check your blood pressure if that’s OK. Why? Well, you’re on the pill. And you still smoke. Is that right? Yeah. Even though you’re still young, because you’re on the pill and you smoke, these increase your chances of heart-related problems, so it’d be a good idea. Oh, OK. OK. Well, come over this way.
Your blood pressure today is 120 over 75, which is normal. But it’s still a good idea to check it from time to time. Now, have you had a chance to look over the brochures I gave you on quitting smoking? Yeah, I have. Yeah. And have you thought anymore about quitting or even cutting down on the number you smoke? Yeah. Actually, I do really want to give up. And, you know, the boys have been hassling me to stop. And have you spoken to your doctor about it? Yeah, I have. And I’m feeling more in control now, so– and he thinks so. So I guess I’m ready. Yeah. I am. Great. I can help you develop a quit plan if you’d like.
Yeah. That’d be great. I’ll need to ask you a few questions. It’ll only take a few moments. OK. Now, how soon after waking up do you have your first cigarette? Um, about half an hour. And how many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
About 20. If you stopped smoking right now, how confident would you be of success, if 1 is not at all confident and 10 is very confident? Success, huh? Well, I don’t know much about that. Uh, about 4. I know you’ve tried to quit in the past. Did you use anything to help you then? Yeah. I used patches and stopped after about a month. thought I didn’t need them anymore. And back on the smokes after about a week. Yeah. That can happen. Let’s look at the problems you had then. When you tried to give up, what cravings or withdrawal symptoms did you experience? Cranky as poor kids. And, you know, I just seemed to be constantly hungry. I put on weight.
OK. Look. So it’s great that you want to quit smoking, Tracy. And we can look at ways of helping you with the challenges of quitting, like putting on weight. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for your health, as well as your children’s. There are enormous health benefits, not to mention financial ones. Yeah. Well, that extra cash wouldn’t go astray, huh? You’d also be amazed have good quitting can make you feel. And I don’t mean just physically, but mentally. Because quitting is a real achievement, succeeding at it makes you feel great about yourself. Yeah. Also wouldn’t go astray.
A good quit plan will help you cope with life as a nonsmoker. And with regard to putting on weight last time you quit, people often eat more when they stop smoking. Often food is more enjoyable, because your taste and sense of smell improves after a few days of quitting. People often eat when they would have had a smoke. And your metabolism slows as the nicotine leaves your system, which can contribute to the weight gain also. Try making healthy food choices, especially eating healthy snacks. Exercise will help too. Me, exercise? [LAUGHING] Oh, god. That’ll give the kids a laugh. Yeah. I mean, it was just really hard last time, you know?
Especially when friends around me smoked, it was– Well, we’ll talk about that in more detail when you come back and see me. Here are some things I’d like you to read and think about between now and then. OK. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to set a quick date, ideally in the next two weeks. Yeah. OK. I’ll have a look through these, yeah. I’d like to follow up with you in a week so we can discuss your quit plan in more detail. We can organise a follow-up phone call. Or would you prefer to come into the pharmacy? Uh, I’ll come and see you. Is the same time next week OK? That would suit me.
And I’ll write it on this card for you. And in the meantime, what are you going to do? Um, I’m going to set a quit date and write it on the calendar in bold colours. And, yeah, I’ll have a read through these. See you next week. OK. See ya.

Watch Kirstie use Tracey Wilson to demonstrate how people who are trying to quit smoking can seek help from their pharmacist.

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