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Introduction to the course

Reliable, evidence-based training is a cornerstone of patient safety. Amanda Gunning and Dr Nick Napper welcome everyone to the course.
The best healthcare trainers motivate and inspire those they train. Trainees often remember this for the whole of their careers. The creativity, time and effort invested by trainers ensure their learners go on to provide patient care of the highest standard.
Train the Healthcare Trainer is based on the best current and valid evidence in education and training. We believe this approach accords with the principles of evidence-based practice and evidence-based medicine.
Diagram showing a triad of evidence-based education, evidence-based practice and evidence-based medicine
Dr Nick Napper has been involved in education and training for 35 years. As well as training in a variety of healthcare roles and settings, he has worked as a Lecturer in Teacher Education. Nick specialises in developing the skills of trainers, both new and experienced, using evidence-based techniques.
Amanda Gunning is a specialist in Technology Enhanced Learning. In her role as Learning Technologist at the Royal United Hospital, Bath in Southwest England, she specialises in working with subject matter experts to create learning that really works. Amanda also co-presents the annual NHS TELFriday YouTube show.
We hope you enjoy the opportunities to engage with other healthcare professionals on this course and that you go on to become a valued and respected member of the healthcare teaching community.
You might like to consider enlisting the support of an experienced trainer from your own healthcare setting to act as a mentor as you progress through this course.
Please introduce yourself in Comments below, and consider sharing why you joined the course and what you hope to gain from it.

Covid and Social Distancing

Many of the techniques usually employed in training may be restricted or not possible within the current social distancing restrictions.
Where we explore teaching methods which involve contact or close proximity with learners, we have included alternative suggestions as to how learning outcomes may be achieved while maintaining social distancing and safety for everyone. We would stress that patient safety is paramount, and the achievement of learning outcomes remains the overall priority.

Free upgrade for NHS and affiliated staff

From June 29 2021, a free upgrade for Train the Healthcare Trainer is available for participants employed by the NHS or affiliated to the NHS (see eligibility criteria here).
Participants who have just started or are part way through the current course should register here. Unfortunately a retrospective upgrade is not available for those who completed the January 2021 course.
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Train the Healthcare Trainer

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