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Solution: word problems

Solution: word problems
A pile of 8 similar books is 56 cm high. Find the height of 6 such books. So, we know that the total height of the pile of books is 56 cm, and that it is made out of 8 similar books. So to answer the question of this problem, it would be useful to find the height of each of these eight books. And to find that out, we need to do 56 divided by 8, and the answer to that is 7. So each of these books is 7 cm high. To find the height of 6 such books, I will need to multiply 7 by 6. The answer to that is 42, so the height of 6 books is 42 cm.

This is a solution video for the previous task where you were asked to complete a word problem.

The task is: A pile of 8 similar books is 56 cm high. Find the height of 6 such books.

Please note that a pictorial representation of a situation does not have to be ‘as in the real world’. For example here, a ‘pile’ can also be depicted horizontally.

This task is adapted from ‘Max Maths Primary – A Singapore Approach’.

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