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‘Anzac Cove’ by Leon Gellert

Hannah Gordon reads the Leon Gellert poem ‘Anzac Cove’.
SPEAKER 1: “Anzac Cove,” by Leon Gellert. “There’s a lonely stretch of hillocks. There’s a beach asleep and drear. There’s a battered, broken fort beside the sea. There are sunken, trampled graves and little rotting pier and winding paths that wind, unceasingly. There’s a torn and silent valley. There’s a tiny rivulet with some blood upon the stones beside its mouth. There are lines of buried bones. There’s an unpaid, waiting debt. There’s a sound of gentle sobbing in the South.”

Watch a reading of Leon Gellert’s poem, ‘Anzac Cove’, read by Monash University student Hannah Gordon.

Talking point

Within the Comments, consider sharing with other learners your thoughts on the poem. You may wish to talk about the way the poem evocatively describes the terrain and wartime atmosphere of Anzac Cove.

Don’t forget to contribute to the discussion by reviewing the comments made by other learners, making sure you provide constructive feedback and commentary.

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