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7 of the best tech jobs in the Philippines

Discover the most in-demand tech jobs in the Philippines, along with the best Philippines tech companies to work for.

Best tech jobs in the Philippines

The tech industry comprises some of the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines. Companies require professionals who can assist them in integrating technology into their operations. Information Technology, also known as IT or simply tech, concerns all aspects of communication, including the Internet, wireless networks, and cell phones.

In this article, we’ll cover why you should work in tech, the best tech jobs in the Philippines to work in, the best tech companies to work for and job-hunting sites from which you can launch your tech career.

5 reasons to work in tech

From web development and software engineering to user experience and analytics, the tech industry has a wide range of opportunities. And whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned professional, you’ll find something that fits your qualifications. Here are five reasons to pursue a career in technology:

1. It’s one of the happiest professions

Generally, people who work in the tech industry enjoy their jobs. In many tech jobs, you’ll have a variety of daily responsibilities and the option to freelance or work flexibly.

2. Salaries are on the rise

Tech jobs pay well, and demand for them is growing. On average, the annual IT job salary in the Philippines is PHP 433,000 (Payscale).

3. Employers in the tech industry value culture

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking a job with an open, innovative and enjoyable work culture. People that work in this profession are intellectual, passionate about what they do, and committed to a culture of continuous growth.

4. You don’t always need a degree

Gaining vital skills (from coding to IT support) could be easier than you think, thanks to a variety of courses and online resources available — whether you choose to study part-time, full-time, or remotely. All you need is a desire to study and an interest in technology.

5. Tech job opportunities are increasing

The number of career opportunities in tech is constantly increasing. Junior Developers, Web Developers, Software Developers, and Full Stack Developers are among the hottest tech jobs. Not only are there fantastic opportunities for newcomers to the field, but there are also a rising number of opportunities for established tech experts.

The 7 best tech jobs in the Philippines

What follows is a selection of in-demand IT jobs in the Philippines. Look through this list and decide which tech careers appeal to you.

*Salary information from

1. IT support specialist

Average salary: PHP 222,641 per year

IT support specialists oversee computer systems and offer technical assistance. There are several different types of IT specialist, depending on the needs of the company.


  • Assisting staff with hardware and software issues
  • Computer system, server, and network troubleshooting
  • Computer system installation, repair, and upgrade

2. Information security analyst

Average salary: PHP 584,534 per year

Data security is at risk when there is a lot of connectivity. To keep confidential information safe from hackers, companies require cybersecurity specialists. Information security analysts provide security solutions and identify data security problems. To resolve security challenges, these experts use security software and computer programmes.


  • Creating data security policies
  • Managing business systems such as routers, firewalls, and hardware
  • Coordinating system updates in order to reduce downtime and safeguard company assets
  • Keeping track of data security threats and breaches

3. Web designer

Average salary: PHP 299,907 per year

Web design combines the fields of design and technology. The style and graphics of a website are determined by the creative and technical talents of web designers. These professionals ensure that websites are not only attractive but also functional.

Web design comprises two fields: UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design. UI focuses on graphics and user interaction, whereas UX refers to the structure of a website.


  • Decreasing the page load time of a website
  • Creating interesting websites
  • Performing website testing
  • Creating website content management systems (CMS).
  • Improving the usability of a website to guarantee that users can accomplish a task

4. Web developer

Average salary: PHP 290,081 per year

Compared with web design, web development involves additional technical skills, such as the use of advanced coding languages. Your job as a web designer is to turn designs into usable websites.

Programmers and web developers both do a lot of coding. Programmers frequently create new computer applications or add new features to existing ones; web developers, on the other hand, specialise in the creation and maintenance of websites.


  • Keeping track of website traffic
  • Troubleshooting website issues
  • Collaborating with designers to develop usable websites
  • Working with web design code languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Python, and others

5. Data scientist

Average salary: PHP 641,277 per year

Data scientists think about how technology affects people. This science involves gathering and evaluating data in order to answer common problems. Data science, for example, aids businesses in better understanding their customers, making better decisions, and improving their services. Data science requires the use of mathematics, statistics, and machine learning, and makes for a satisfying and high-paying job in the Philippines.


  • Examining market and customer trends
  • Analysing data sets for patterns and trends
  • Developing data-driven solutions
  • Making use of analytics and reporting software
  • Gathering vast amounts of organised and unstructured information

6. Computer programmer

Average salary: PHP 205,048 per year

Computer programmers write code, develop, debug or customise software. Opportunities in this industry are likely to expand as the Philippines cements its position as an international call-centre capital. Opportunities for IT jobs in the Philippines will increase as the tech industry grows. Programmer salaries in the Philippines are not as generous as many other tech jobs, however.


  • Creating software reports and guides
  • Recognising and resolving technical issues
  • Keeping computer programmes up to date and upgrading them
  • Developing and testing software

7. Systems analyst

Average salary: PHP 483,917 per year

A systems analyst assists a company in determining the optimal solution for problems and achieving company objectives. You’ll be the go-between for IT and non-IT stakeholders. You’ll need to be an expert in programming languages, operating systems, and hardware.


  • Assisting with database management
  • Managing passwords and access levels
  • Performing app testing
  • Creating and implementing business software or hardware

The best tech companies to work for in the Philippines

What follows is a list of some of the best tech companies in the Philippines from which to begin or advance your tech career.

Facebook Philippines

In April 2016, Facebook opened its first office in the Philippines. Facebook PH has a diverse work culture and offers varied and interesting tasks. There are a variety of positions available both within tech and in peripheral fields such as HR.

Google Philippines

Google is a highly regarded company – not just in the Philippines, but worldwide. Not only does Google Philippines offer a higher salary than many other tech businesses, but it also has a great working culture. It’s the place to go for computer professionals as well as those looking for support roles like accounting, human resources, and more. This is thanks to its unconventional offices that encourage fun and creativity, as well as many excellent amenities that promote social interaction among coworkers.

Canon Philippines

In its Manila branch, Canon Philippines has a large number of engineers and developers working on cameras, printers, and other digital equipment. Although the salary is lower than at some other companies, Canon consistently receives positive reviews from its employees for the numerous learning opportunities it provides. 

Some of these opportunities include the opportunity to participate in special initiatives in Japan that can last months or even years. Travelling and the rewards that come with it mean a lot to the company’s employees and encourages them to stay for a long time.

Oracle Philippines

The California-based software firm has its Philippine headquarters in Makati City and remains the world’s largest provider of information management software. Oracle provides a competitive remuneration package – a Senior Consultant, for example, might make more than PHP 60,000 per month. 

Due to the appealing benefits, intriguing projects, and excellent professional progression prospects, software engineers at Oracle have been known to stay on for long periods of time.

Hewlett-Packard Philippines

Since becoming established in the Philippines in 2003, HP has consistently received positive feedback on its work culture and compensation packages. Many computer graduates work at HP right out of college, and stay because of the good work-life balance and the friendly environment among coworkers.

IBM Philippines

IBM is a computing institution that has been around for more than a century and is still relevant today. Its presence in the Philippines, which began in 1937, has ensured a steady stream of high-paying work for many Filipinos. IBM Philippines not only offers excellent compensation, but also a wide range of employment categories, since the corporation has evolved to include not only hardware and software, but also IT services. For example, when developing mobile apps and enterprise support systems, the company collaborates with Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Hootsuite.

Smart Communications

Since the 1990s, this telecommunications behemoth has remained a dominant presence in the Philippines, and its attraction as a workplace has never waned. Smart’s employees are loyal because of the company’s well-known “extended month bonus.” Employees at Smart are reported to receive a 21st-month bonus as the firm sees fit, rather than the regular 13th-month compensation.

Novare Technologies

The global tech support firm is known for hiring the best developers and engineers in the Philippines, who work in a variety of fields, including software engineering, project management, solution software and service delivery. 

Although the salary isn’t as good as some of its competitors, the organisation is praised for its multicultural, professional atmosphere and great learning opportunities, particularly in the areas of telecommunications and finance.

The best sites for finding a tech job in the Philippines


LinkedIn profiles aren’t simply for sending recruiters information; they’re also for networking. This involves not only recruiting, but also interacting, collaborating, learning, engaging, and a variety of other activities.

As a professional social networking platform, it allows members to share their stories and skills through posts, news, and blog articles, which other users can interact with.


Most of Kalibrr’s features are particularly helpful for job seekers, whether you want an in-person or work-from-home job in the Philippines. It features an account option that allows you to create a profile and upload your CV to the platform. Kalibrr also features “save” and “refer a friend” options. It offers a search engine that has a lot of features.


Jobstreet is widely regarded as the top job search engine in the Philippines. You can build a career profile on Jobstreet and use it to apply for jobs that you find on the site. When you apply for a job, you can also upload your CV, which will be instantly attached to your application.

Jobstreet also gives basic corporate information, such as the company’s description, size, and industry. It also allows businesses to embed a video about themselves that shows what it’s like to work with them. It has a fantastic search engine that allows filtered searches on numerous categories based on salary, region, and job specialisation.


The features of Indeed are essentially identical to those of Kalibrr and Jobstreet. If you are a job seeker, you can search for jobs using two criteria: what the job is and where it is located, both of which are found on the homepage. It’s simple to use, and you can refine your search with filters.

Indeed’s usability is one of its best features. It returns results rapidly, refreshes quickly, and has an easy-to-use interface.

Online Jobs

Online Jobs is an excellent portal for finding online jobs in the Philippines. These jobs are typically remote, allowing people to work from anywhere without having to commute to a real office.

Monster Jobs Philippines

Monster Philippines is another job portal with easy-to-use and convenient features. The website allows you to enter the amount of experience you have as well as the job title and location. Once you go to the search results page, there are even more useful filters. It includes the same features as the sites described above – including profile setup, CV uploading, and direct application.

Final thoughts

A tech career in the Philippines is likely to be lucrative and satisfying. What’s more, many of the best tech jobs in the Philippines don’t require a degree. However, most will require some form of training or qualification. With FutureLearn’s range of IT and Computer Science courses, you can obtain qualifications from prestigious institutions – such as the University of California – no matter where you are in the world.

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