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How to learn English in the Philippines

Find out the best ways to learn English in the Philippines, including the best online courses for all learners.

Learn English Philippines

The Philippines is one of Asia’s most popular destinations for foreigners to learn English. This is because it’s one of the national languages of the country. But what if you’re already in the country or a native of it and want to improve your abilities to work in an English-speaking country? 

We explore the courses that can help you learn English in the Philippines. We’ll also look at some practical tips on how to get face-to-face English speaking practice.

Learn English in the Philippines – the basics

To get a good grounding in the language, look no further than our Basic English course from King’s College London. This free, four-week online course will teach you basic English skills. It will boost your confidence and help you enhance your listening abilities in many different situations. Follow up with our Develop Your English Skills course.

You’ll learn what to say when meeting new people, how to introduce yourself, and how to have conversations. You’ll listen to people speaking English in a variety of settings and take quizzes to test your understanding.

Learn how to express your preferences, talk about hobbies like music and sports, and read emails. All these tasks will boost your elementary English confidence. You’ll also learn basic grammar, such as subject pronouns, multiple tenses, and the verb “to be.” You’ll also develop pronunciation skills.

Improving your pronunciation

You’ll need to pronounce English well to make yourself understood. Take our English pronunciation course to learn which aspects of pronunciation are crucial for mutual comprehension. You will practise English sounds and stresses and learn to understand other learners’ accents.

In today’s globalised society, a wide range of people need to be able to communicate in English. You’ll need to be able to understand and communicate with non-native speakers. By the end of the course, your English pronunciation will have improved. You’ll also feel more comfortable speaking English in a variety of situations.

During this course, you’ll learn about a range of English accents. This will help you grasp some of the nuances between your own and others’ pronunciation. These examples of diverse English pronunciations in use will help to put the language’s qualities into context.

You’ll have a better knowledge of English pronunciation by the end of this course. You’ll look at aspects like vowels, consonants, and other features, as well as diverse English accents. Finally, this course can assist you in setting and achieving your specific English pronunciation goals.

Practising with English speakers online

There are various services that will allow you to communicate directly with native English speakers. Although some platforms charge a fee, you can also find many that are totally free. 

Many native English speakers are willing to assist you with free English conversation practice on such platforms. In exchange, you “pay” them by teaching them your own language.

How to learn English in the Philippines with a local school

There are various locations around the country where an ESL (English as a Second Language) student can benefit from a formal, in-person study setting. Here are just a few.


Cebu is perhaps the most popular choice for learning English in the Philippines. There are several high-quality academies in this area, including QQEnglish, SMEAG, EV Academy, CG Academy, Philinter, CPILS, and others. These institutions have TESOL-certified, university-educated teachers as well as world-class amenities and facilities.

Cebu is also a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches and scenery. You’ll get to enjoy a tropical lifestyle on this island and be able to access other tourist attractions in the central Visayas region.

Metro Manila

If you wish to learn English in the Philippines, the capital city of the Philippines is a fantastic option. Metro Manila has practically everything you might want or need – including world-class hotels, shopping malls, and prestigious colleges. If you are a city-loving student, you’ll love Manila. The best nightclubs, international gourmet restaurants, and old Philippine architecture are all here.

The British School Manila and Genius Academy Tutorial Center are two of the best ESL schools in Metro Manila.


The city of Baguio sits high up in Luzon’s tropical pine forests. It is known as the Philippines’ Summer Capital, with a highland climate and temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius. Baguio’s cool fresh air, quiet, and tranquillity will make you feel at ease.

More importantly, compared to Cebu, Baguio’s English schools guarantee ESL students lower tuition costs. You’ll spend roughly 20 percent less while maintaining the same level of teaching quality. ESL students’ preferred academies in the city include Pines, Monol, Beci, A&J, Talk, and others.


Bacolod is another worthwhile location for learning English in the Philippines. Compared with Cebu and Baguio, the cost of studying English in this city is the lowest. If you choose to study here, you will save around 40-50 percent on tuition fees. Compared to other Philippine cities, the cost of living is lower in Bacolod.

However, English academies in Bacolod are of a lower quality than those in Cebu and Baguio. ESL schools in Bacolod have only been around for a few years – as a result, the quality of its schools is not very high, but it is improving.

Despite this, Bacolod is still an excellent choice for people who require a high-quality English environment on a budget. E-Room, LSLC, and OKEA are among the more well-respected academies.


Boracay isn’t a city – it’s an island paradise that offers much more than a vacation. For years, the island has taken advantage of the opportunity to combine pleasure and education for ESL students. A Boracay English course means an unforgettable stay in a tropical paradise with immaculate beaches.

If Boracay is your first choice for learning English in the Philippines, you have several options. Among them are Boracay COCO and Paradise English. The ambiance of these schools provides a favourable learning environment – just looking out the window at Boracay is relaxing in itself.

Understanding British culture through learning English

If you have aspirations to move to the UK, take our Exploring English: Language and Culture course. You will learn about British life and culture while also improving your English language abilities and knowledge in this online English course.

Through short movies, you will learn about several popular culture subjects as well as ways of life in the United Kingdom, including English as a worldwide language, the countryside, music, and literature. These movies, which were shot in the UK, can help you improve your listening skills by allowing you to see real people speaking English. You’ll also evaluate and analyse some of the language used in the films and learn how to use it in practice.

Learning English through film and TV

English language classes should pique your interest and motivate you to speak and write in the English language. The innovative methods of our Learn English Through TV Drama Series course allow you to watch an original TV drama series before applying the language from each episode to your English language learning journey.

You’ll improve your understanding of common grammatical functions and uses by participating in preview discussions, viewing short episodes, and doing post-viewing exercises. You’ll boost your active learning opportunities and improve your viewing, speaking, and writing skills.

In between each brief episode, this course will lead you through grammatical and vocabulary activities, allowing you to gain confidence in the use of basic English. You’ll be able to put your English skills to use in everyday situations.

Preparing for the IELTS test

If you want to study abroad or work or reside in another country, you may be requested to take the IELTS test to demonstrate your English language skills.

IELTS is one of the most widely used English assessments. It is recognised by over 10,000 organisations around the world.

The four courses in our British Council IELTS ExpertTrack provide you with all of the material and practice you’ll need to confidently approach all four portions of the IELTS with the band score you need.

This ExpertTrack for IELTS preparation is intended for anyone preparing for the IELTS reading, writing, speaking, and listening tests. It could also be beneficial to IELTS teachers and people studying for other English language proficiency assessments.

Anyone studying for the IELTS will benefit from this ExpertTrack. The four courses provide comprehensive preparation for the IELTS test’s four sections. While the focus is on IELTS Academic for study, the advice will also be useful for those preparing for the General Training test.

Develop your workplace English skills

If you want to work in an English-speaking country, you’ll need to master specific workplace vocabulary. Our English for the Workplace course is for people who are studying English and want to improve their English language abilities, in order to improve their employability and work relationships. It will assist job seekers and young professionals in learning English.

Each week, you’ll concentrate on a different component of workplace English. You’ll see videos of people in diverse settings and listen to their audio recordings. This covers those looking for work, applying for jobs, and preparing for and attending interviews, as well as those who are starting in a new role and working with new people. 

The training does not follow a language syllabus and instead begins with workplace English. It includes useful language phrases as well as realistic, real-world business settings. Short quizzes and discussions will help you assess your knowledge and improve your English skills.

You’ll acquire a lot of business English vocabulary and workplace English idioms as you advance through the themes, which you can use at work and when applying for jobs. Additionally, you’ll look at what constitutes a successful job application and interview, as well as practise workplace English and discover some workplace English terms.

You’ll be asked to discuss your thoughts, ideas, and questions with other students throughout the course. Fully participating and sharing your experiences is the best approach to get the most out of the course.

Learn English for academic study

If you want to study at an English-speaking university or college, you’ll need to learn how to write in academic English. Academic writing differs significantly from other types of English writing you’ve done before. Our English for Academic Study course was created to help you understand the fundamentals of academic writing and improve your English abilities in preparation for study in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and other English-speaking nations.

This course will give you a quick overview of academic writing, allowing you to become more aware of and comprehend some of the essential characteristics of this type of writing. You’ll learn through video, on-screen examples, debates, and quizzes.

You’ll improve your skills in several areas of ‘academic’ language, learn about the stages of essay writing, and write your own essay. We will teach you how to organise an essay, employ academic writing style, and cover essential areas of grammar so that you can write a good academic essay by the end of the course. 

Throughout the course, we will examine several examples of academic writing created by some of our prior students, in order to demonstrate how an essay might be improved. These enhancements are achieved through assisting and training the writer in the areas of content, organisation, language, and the planning and composition of an essay.

You’ll be able to review crucial vocabulary and concepts used in a university context, as well as learn what instructors expect from students. You’ll also have a chance to practise skills that will help you grow your vocabulary in an academic environment, such as techniques for pronouncing new words.

Final thoughts

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s easier than ever to master English. Traditional routes exist for students who prefer an in-person academic environment, but it’s just as easy to become fluent in English without even leaving your home through a range of online courses and resources.

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