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The Top Skills in Pakistan for Employability

Find out the top skills employers in Pakistan are looking for. We take a look at some of the most in-demand hard and soft skills and discover how you can learn them.

Top Skills Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the largest labour forces in the world, so it can be a challenge to create enough adequate employment opportunities. The country has the sixth biggest population globally, and a youth unemployment rate at 8.5 percent, so it is of great importance that the youth workforce is provided with the right education, skills and training to have a successful career.

So with this in mind, what are the top skills in Pakistan that employers are looking for, and how can we ensure that skill sets of workers match job demand? We take a look at some of the hard and soft employability skills in Pakistan and some of the courses that can help you develop your own skill set. 

What skills are employers in Pakistan looking for?

This isn’t a straightforward question to answer. In reality, the skills you’ll need will depend on the job you’re applying for and the type of company you want to work at. However, there are some reports that highlight where some of the top skills in Pakistan might be. 

We’ve taken a look at some of the data out there, including in-demand and well-paying jobs, to pick out some of the top skills in Pakistan at the moment. 

Hard skills 

First, let’s look at some of the in-demand hard skills employers are looking for. These are the job-specific qualifications that you’ll need to succeed in a particular role. They’re the skills that can be taught in a formal and structured way. Some of the top hard skills in Pakistan include:


There is a high demand in Pakistan for doctors and healthcare specialists. The country has a rapidly increasing population of 4 million a year, and this population is ageing, leading to an even higher demand for doctors. The shortages of doctors and adequate healthcare can be particularly felt in smaller and more rural areas of Pakistan. These shortages make working in healthcare an excellent option for those deciding on a career path.

Depending on which area you’re interested in, we have an extensive range of healthcare courses available. You’ll probably need additional training too, but our courses are a great place to either get started or develop your understanding of certain areas.

If you’re particularly interested in nursing, we have plenty of nursing courses that can help you improve your existing skills in a wide variety of areas. With our ExpertTrack on public health and nursing, you’ll discover the valuable role that nurses play in healthcare systems. 


Accounting jobs are regularly advertised in Pakistan, and being a Chartered Accountant will land you one of the best paychecks in the country. There are lots of opportunities for accountants in Pakistan, whether you want to work from home, work for a company or do freelance accountancy work.

We have an excellent range of finance and accounting courses available if you think this might be the right career path for you. You can gain an introduction to accounting in our Understanding Financial Statements course, or if you’re serious about pursuing a career in accounting, you can take our microcredential in Management Accounting and gain academic credits. 

Digital marketing

As the world becomes more digital and everything moves online, the need for digital skills such as digital marketing increases. Pakistan is no exception here, and digital marketing skills are highly in demand, as every business needs to use digital marketing in order to gain customers.

Digital marketing specialists with skills in areas such as SEO, PPC and Google Analytics will find many opportunities in Pakistan’s job market. Get started with our digital marketing courses to learn about some of the digital marketing strategies that businesses use. Alternatively, delve deeper into content marketing strategy

IT and computing

The high demand for IT and computing professionals is not just in Pakistan, but all over the world. As the globe relies more and more on digital technology, this demand will only continue to increase, making it a good industry to get into. In Pakistan, there are many digital agencies, software houses and companies that are making good money, and so IT professionals can be guaranteed a good salary. 

We have a wide range of IT courses, ranging from AI & Robotics and Cyber security to Web Development and Computer Programming. If you’re not sure which career path to go down, our courses will help you find what you’re passionate about and provide you with the necessary skills to succeed.


Pakistan needs qualified teachers to help fix the state of education in the country. Currently, it has very high numbers of children outside of school, and having more passionate and qualified teachers is one way to improve the quality of education in the country. Particularly if you are a teacher with a doctoral degree, you will have many job opportunities and good pay.

If you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, we have a range of teaching courses that can help. Whether you want to learn How to Plan and Teach Great English Lessons, or prepare for the world of teaching, we hope you’ll be inspired to help educate children in your country.


The success of Bitcoin and other such cryptocurrency has created a surge in interest in the technology that powers them. As well as for cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is also used to build a host of different products and services, such as apps and smart contracts. It’s also one of the top IT skills in Pakistan right now, and lots of people are investing in it.

Learn about the basics of blockchain and distributed ledger technology with our free online course. You can also explore some of the blockchain innovations in fintech with our detailed ExpertTrack. 


Legal jobs are high in demand in Pakistan, as lawyers and other professionals are always needed in society. Not all those who study law in Pakistan go on to be lawyers, but it can be an excellent foundation for getting a range of jobs, including a government administrator, investment banker or politician. 

We have a great range of law courses here at FutureLearn, if you want to find out more about a certain area before you pursue a career in law. You can start with our How to Become a Lawyer course, and venture out into different fields such as criminal justice and contract law.  

Soft skills

When it comes to employability skills in Pakistan, practical knowledge is certainly important. However, many employers feel that interpersonal and transferable skills are just as important as hard skills. Here are some of the soft skills that are sought-after at the moment:


Effective communicators are vital to just about every area of a business. As well as helping with both teamwork and leadership, it also means you can explain your point of view and share ideas. Just about every top skill in India at the moment can be enhanced by strong communication. 

If you want to work on your abilities in this area, check out our course on communication and interpersonal skills at work. For those in the field of engineering, we also have a relevant course on effective communication


Whatever job you work in, the chances are that you’ll need to work with other people. Teamwork skills are some of the most essential ones out there, yet many people don’t spend the time developing them. If you can demonstrate efficiency in this area, you’re sure to stand out to employers. 

Given the current circumstances, many Pakistanis are having to work remotely. Why not spend time improving your collaborative work skills for this environment? 


If the last 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that we have to be flexible and adaptable when reacting to change. In uncertain times, those who can show resilience and dependability, as well as other such leadership skills, can be invaluable to employers. 

Our course on wellbeing and resilience at work takes you through how to deal with the rapidly changing workplace. As well as looking at why employers value adaptability, you’ll also evaluate your own strengths in this area.  

Final thoughts 

As you can see, employers in Pakistan look for a diverse range of hard and soft skills. So, no matter what stage of your career you’re at, it can be beneficial to develop your expertise in many of these areas. With the courses, microcredentials, and ExpertTracks we’ve outlined throughout this article, you can work on some of the top skills in Pakistan for employability and overcome the challenges in the job market.

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