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NHS offer 2022/23 terms and conditions

  1. FutureLearn is working in partnership with NHS England and NHS Scotland to offer 20,000 NHS England and NHS Scotland employees the benefits of “Unlimited” subscription access to FutureLearn’s site ( from midnight 10th October to midnight 10th April 2023 only (the “Offer”). 
  2. To take advantage of the Offer you are required to enter your NHS email address into this redemption page to authenticate that you are an NHS employee and that you qualify for the Offer. If you do qualify, You will be sent a code to your NHS email address. You will then be required to enter this code on the next page of the redemption page. Once you have passed the authentication, you will need to register for an account on the  FutureLearn website or enter your login details to access your FutureLearn account.      
  3. This offer is restricted to the first 20,000 NHS England and NHS Scotland (collectively) employees who register for the Offer through the redemption page. Once the 20,000 redemption limit has been met, you will not be able to take advantage of this Offer. 
  4. You must be over 16 years old and either have a FutureLearn account or register as a learner with FutureLearn to take advantage of the Offer. 
  5. Registration with FutureLearn is subject to FutureLearn’s standard terms and policies which can be found below on our website. You agree to the privacy policy and the Code of conduct.    
  6. The Offer does not have any monetary value and cannot be transferred or redeemed for or with any other offer, promotion or discount. It is for personal non-commercial use only. 
  7. We do not offer any cancellation or refund for any pre-existing or prior purchased courses or “Unlimited” subscription access to the FutureLearn site due to your qualification for this Offer.
  8. If you complete a course during your free access using the Offer you will continue to have access to the content of any course you have gained a digital certificate of achievement for. However, if you have not completed a course during the Offer your access to the content will be lost unless you upgrade or purchase Unlimited access. 
  9. This Offer cannot be used for Microcredentials, Degrees or Expert Tracks at
  10. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. 
  11. FutureLearn reserves the right to cancel your Unlimited access which is gained through this Offer if it reasonably suspects fraud or misuse of the website or any of the courses by you. 
  12. Please contact if you have any queries.

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