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Work-Life Balance and the Impact of Remote Working

Explore the history and outcomes of a work-life balance in employed individuals Working individuals often find themselves juggling between their work and social lives aiming for the ever-elusive work-life balance This course focuses on the context in which work-life balance has grown comparing the key theories of work-life conflict work-life integration and enrichment and boundary management It also investigates the future of work evaluating how technology allows individuals to work more flexibly but in the meantime risking less time to switch off and recover from work Flexible working practices as a means to enhance your work-life balance are also discussedWork-life balance What are the key antecedents of work-life balance What are the key outcomes of a work-life balance What are the organisational supervisory and individual issues What can be done at both individual and organisational levels Links between work-life balance and remote e-working Use of flexible working arrangements by organisations as a means to enhance work-life balance Relevant laws and legislation that organisations should considerBy the end of the course youll be able to Develop a broad understanding of the context in which work-life balance has grown Explain your understanding of both the academic and business-related definitions and issues surrounding the study of work-life balance Discuss and compare the key theories underpinning theoretical studies of work-life balance work-life balance conflict and enrichment Identify the future of work working anywhere at any given time using technology Evaluate how technology is affecting individuals switching-off and recovery from work Describe how the concept of work-life balance is related to issues caused by remote e-working Discuss flexible working practices as a means to enhance work-life balance

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