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Water scarcity will bring environmental degradation and competition on water use (agricultural, domestic, and industrial) which, overall, will have an impact on the socioeconomic development and the competitiveness of the …


Water is essential for human health, socioeconomic development, and the provision of long-term environmental services. Natural processes (e.g. precipitation, infiltration, evapotranspiration, condensation, etc.) sustain a large cycle in nature, which …

Book – Water Interactions: A Systemic View

If you are curious and want to learn more, take a look at Gustaf Olsson’s book: “Water Interactions: A Systemic View. Why we need to comprehend the water-climate-energy-food-economics-lifestyle connections”.

Further Readings on Sustainability

In this article, the European Water Framework Directive was assessed to conclude if it coincides with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for the agenda 2030.


Water scarcity is a multi-dimensional challenge whose solution requires the coordination of different actors moving towards more sustainable water management. The use of non-conventional resources such as reclaimed/recycled water is …


Water is a precondition to life on Earth and essential for a sustainable socioeconomic development, food security, and healthy ecosystems. The growing population, the demographic changes, massive urbanisation trends and …