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Congratulations on completing the ‘Climate and Energy: An Interdisciplinary Perspective’ online course, created and led by educators from 10 of the 11 universities in CIVIS, a European Civic University formed by the …

The children’s beach

Before setting out for our 3rd and final day in the field, Delia Laura Popescu, Researcher at the University of Bucharest, outlines the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for …

Back in the village

We walk back to the village from Kroka. We meet Associate Professor Juan Malo from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid at some wood stacks alongside Lurgatan. In this activity, Juan walks …

Walking from Södra Sandvik to Kroka

Walking through the forest from Södra Sandvik to Kroka, we listen to a podcast by Dr. Marco Petitta from Sapienza University about the water cycle.

Hydrogen: An unique element

Hydrogen has been put forward as the energy carrier of the future. Here we learn the basics about hydrogen as an element and how hydrogen is produced, stored and used.


Laurence Vidal, Professor at Aix Marseille University, explains how paleoclimatology contributes to our understanding of climate change.

Carbon Cycle

In this video, Goulven Laruelle, Research Associate at Université libre de Bruxelles describes the carbon cycle, how humans are perturbing it and how this drives global warming.

Sea level change over time

In this article, we will explore changes of temperature, sea ice volume and sea level in the past, present and future. 1. Ices ages temperature and seal level changes Source: …

Welcome back to Södra Sandvik

We walk back to Södra Sandvik on the second day of our field trip to find out about the present-day state of the climate. Here, Goulven Laruelle, Research Associate at …

Windpower, from tradition to modernity

In a scenario dominated by the historical windmill of Üto, Juan explains us some of the large differences between the traditional use of wind energy and modern windfarms. The industrial …

Back in the village

Back in the village, which is close to the pier, we learn about the tools which scientists use to find out about the climate of the past. Here we will …

Welcome to Södra Sandvik

From Gruvbryggen (“the miner’s pier”), we have walked 2 km through the forest to Södra Sandvik (“southern sandy bay”). Here we will meet Alasdair Skelton, Professor at Stockholm University and …