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Concluding video

As this is a short course destined for a diverse audience, we had to be quite selective about the topics. We are not claiming that this course is, on its …

Introduction to week 3

In this video Giovanna, Jamie, Grazia and Marta describe what we will be discussing in the third and final week of the course.

Looking forward to week 3

In week 3 of the course we will explore ethical codes and concerns, and look at the ways in which good practice is understood in humanitarian interpreting. We will first …

‘Remote’ interpreting in legal context

Having watched the video, let us know: Was there anything that surprised you in the findings of the Bail Observation Project that Dr Sarah Craig illustrates? Do you know of …

Introduction to week 2

In this short video Marta, Giovanna and Jamie introduce the topics that we will explore in week 2.

Meet the team

Welcome! Before you start the course, we are going to introduce ourselves. Once you have got to know us, it would be wonderful if you could also tell us a …

Summary of week 1

In this short video Marta, Jamie and Giovanna provide a summary of what we have explored in the first week.