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Cutting out the ‘middleperson’

Disintermediation (cutting out the middleperson) Disintermediation is when a corporate borrower goes directly to investors to borrow funds, rather than through a bank or other intermediary, e.g. through the use …

Tax planning

Some companies have a dedicated department that deals with tax. However, this does not mean that the treasurer doesn’t need to know anything about tax. In fact the opposite is …

Criminal and civil law

There are two broad areas of law which apply to different types of misconduct. These are criminal law and civil law. Criminal law Criminal law is made up of individual …

Gearing and leverage

This video will provide you with an understanding of capital structure, measuring debt and gearing and leverage.

Welcome to the world of treasury

A career in treasury is often unknown. Watch this video to find out more about treasury and the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT).

Introduction to financial and management accounts

Stakeholders Financial statements are valuable to the individuals and groups who wish to track the financial performance of an organisation (stakeholders). The definition of a stakeholder is a person or …

Tax and its cost to the business

Purpose of tax Taxes are compulsory contributions raised by governments and other central authorities for a number of important purposes. These purposes include: enforcing law and public order public works …

Taxable profit

In this video you will understand taxable profit. You will learn the basic structure of an income statement, establishing taxable profit and calculating tax payable.