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Ambition School Leadership

Child in school uniform jumping

About Ambition School Leadership

Too many children don’t achieve at school and can’t go on to realise their ambitions. Young people from disadvantaged communities are deprived of choices about their future.

Great school leaders can change this. Effective leadership has a life-changing impact on pupils, but there aren’t enough skilled leaders in the schools that face the biggest challenges.

We are building a network of exceptional leaders at all levels in the schools that need them the most. We provide world-class leadership development and technical training to educators across England and Wales – from teachers aspiring to lead their department, to Chief Executives steering multiple schools, and all the crucial leadership roles in between. We work with partners across the education sector to support the long-term improvement of schools in challenging contexts and offer a clear pathway of expert career progression for the most important job in the world.

Ambition School Leadership Courses


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