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DeTao Masters Academy

DeTao Masters Academy

About DeTao Masters Academy

DeTao Masters Academy (DeTao) is a world class educational organization focusing on innovation and the revolution of education, which is devoted to new education models that go beyond conventional approaches and build on DeTao’s spirit.

By bringing together the world’s leading masters, collecting industrial wisdom from all over the world, DeTao is providing opportunities for university students to interact with masters across industries. We expose students to a global perspective, allowing them to follow the top experts in the industry who pass on knowledge with the belief that the students will turn out to be elites and inter-disciplinary talents.

Online+Onsite Double-Tutor Educational Program is one major product line DeTao is working on, introducing the best way for Chinese colleges and universities to take advantage of world class curriculum resources. The program realizes the interaction between “online education” and “university education”. Students can watch the online videos with delicate course design and post-production while enhance learning in real classroom under the guidance of onsite instructors with sets of activities such as group projects and discussions designed by DeTao masters.

To maximize the social benefit and keep sustainable development are the fundamental purpose of DeTao Degree Education Program. It is specializing in the congregation of the global industrial masters and the top-level educational resources, establish the superiorly constructive discipline in order to accumulate the worldwide university rankings steadily which throughout systematic curriculum content providing by Masters’ wisdom empowerment. Based on the syllabus requirements of Ministry of Education, the Degree Education Program perfectly combined innovative Master’s leading education and Chinese higher education system, helping university to build first-class discipline for optimum path within multi-level degree which including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree.

The collision of eastern and western thoughts will lead us to a bright future together!

DeTao Masters Academy Courses

New online courses coming soon!


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