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Media design school


Media Design School (MDS) was founded in 1998 following the rapid growth in the use and adoption of the internet. As more employers emerged, there was growing frustration that educators were out-of-date in training graduates with the skills that were relevant to industry.

MDS’s ethos has been to replicate the workplace in the classroom by employing faculty from industry and using software and processes that industry use, to ensure students will be as ready as possible for creative work when they graduate. This means, they’ll learn in a production-oriented environment that encourages collaboration and helps them discover creative solutions to contemporary design and technology challenges. They’re encouraged to collaborate, work to deadlines, maintain attendance levels and develop strong communication skills.

As a result, MDS graduates are internationally renowned for their expertise and MDS alumni can be found in the world’s leading design, advertising, game, animation, film, television and production studios. They’re also business owners, entrepreneurs, award-winners and overwhelmingly considered amongst the best in the business.

Always looking to the future, MDS has moved to a new purpose-built campus situated in Auckland’s Innovation Precinct, nestled amongst the biggest players in the creative tech industry. Here, students can rub shoulders with future employers before they’ve even graduated, allowing them to envision their future and stretch beyond their potential.

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