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A method developed by Valérie Gauthier to build quality relationships and increase your self-confidence.

The Concept

Savoir-Relier is “an approach that allows to better create, to better invent, to better develop” – Valérie Gauthier.

It considers that the starting point of any relationship is our inner selves: “how I will connect with myself, in a deep and qualitative way, being able to question myself and then to think about myself with perspective.”

Hence, the first step is the Self-Portrait. The Self-Portrait is an opportunity to stop and face ourselves. This allows the participant to “think in a different way and better know him.herself”.

However if we stop here, we “go around in circles” because we reflect alone and the only inputs are ours. So from the self-reflexion we should go on to a second step: the duo. During the Duo, we exchange our Self-Portrait with a stranger. Both will read the other’s self-portrait and engage in a conversation.

This genuine exchange helps us take a step back and welcome others’ perspectives on ourselves. It is both a tool of questioning and inspiration.

The Origin

Savoir-Relier was born in 2008 after 15 years of research and experience by Valérie Gauthier.

A book, Leading with Sense, was published in 2014 by Stanford University Press.

SR helps people discover their true potential, self-confidence, and leadership based on their own style.

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