The Skye High Foundation

Leaflets and flyers with the Skye High Foundation logo.


The Skye High Foundation provides support to families during and after the loss of a baby from a multiple pregnancy, as well as providing education for health care professionals. In conjunction with the neonatal research team from Newcastle University we created and now distribute the purple butterfly cot cards. The butterfly symbolises the baby or babies who did not survive and is now used internationally on the cot of any surviving babies, as well as a symbol on medical notes or records.

The Skye High Foundation creates and distributes resource packs to hospitals containing cot cards, posters and information leaflets. Feedback from families and professionals show these resources are highly valued and allow families to make others aware of their loss and their journey.

The rate of multiple births vary but is around 1-2% of all pregnancies depending on maternal age, ethnicity and other factors. However the number of babies born is increasing year on year, in part due to greater use of assisted reproductive technologies. Although most multiple pregnancies end with healthy babies, complications are unfortunately much more common. Our aim is to increase awareness of these complications and work with families and professionals to provide resources, education and support to all NHS hospitals, as well as other hospitals around the world. Any monies generated from upgrades to our Future Learn course are used to provide these resources free-of-charge.