VR Voom

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VR Voom has a specialist education team ready to empower future generations with the knowledge and tools to unleash creativity. They are passionate educators, programmers and 3D modellers who strive to enable young people in the learning of how ao mariko content is made in Aotearoa and across the world.

VR Voom offers scaffolded learning programmes for all learners based on a design thinking approach. They utilise their know-how to provide interactive and engaging learning opportunities through a “hands on” practical approach.

They assist learners to excel at school, aligning with the revised New Zealand Technology curriculum, with a particular focus on computational thinking (CT) and designing and developing digital outcomes (DDDO) technological areas, building skills and supporting students to move beyond being users of digital technologies to becoming innovative creators of digital solutions and outcomes.

Their operations range from running location-based VR experience premises in Auckland, exploring VR content by remote learning or hybrid presentations to licencing their own VR creations globally, which means they have resources available to enable ākonga in more than one way. They can be flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the student, teacher, and school.

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