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Pattern Library
Action button groups

When there are multiple related or alternative actions in a block primary and/or secondary action buttons should be grouped. The following pattern should apply when grouping buttons or deciding the style for each element in the group.

  • Secondary action buttons are presented either as grey links (e.g. Course info, Leave course, Cancel) or grey icon buttons (e.g. Report comment)
  • Primary actions buttons are presented either as pink links or pink buttons, depending on the context
  • If there is more than one button in the group - primary or secondary - they are separated by a bullet (e.g. Like • Reply, Course Info • Leave course)
  • If both groups are present and one of them contains two actions, they primary and secondary groups are aligned to opposite sides of the module (e.g. Like • Reply - left aligned, Report - right aligned)
  • If there is only one action in each group, both are positioned together and separated by a bullet (e.g. Post • Cancel).
Annotated image showing relative positions of button group elements
    = link_to 'Course info', '#', class: 'm-action-links__button'
    = link_to 'Leave this course', '#', class: 'm-action-links__button'

Use of push buttons

There should be only one push button per module and it should represent the primary call to action for that module.