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Pattern Library

The popover is a compact overlay that can be attached to any element. It contains menu items and/or additional information. The Admin Bar and User corner are examples of patterns that use the popover.

    %a.js-popover-trigger{href: "#user-options", title: 'Your account', "data-popover": 'user-options', "aria-expanded": "false", "aria-controls": "user-options"}
      %span.a-avatar__initials.a-avatar__initials--coral FL

  %nav.m-popover.m-popover--user-options#user-options{role: "navigation"}
        = navigation_link_to('Your Courses', :home, '/path', class: 'm-popover__list-link')
        = form_tag(session_path, method: :delete) do
          = button_tag(render(:partial => "shared/svg_icons/sign_out") + content_tag('span', 'Sign out', class: 'm-icon-with-text__text'), class: 'm-popover__list-link')