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Pattern Library
Progress toggle

The function of the toggle buggle button is to motivate learners to progress through the course and to allow them track their progress. The button has three states – incomplete, loading, and complete in addition to the standard interactive states.

We use this button to achieve the following goals:

  • to allow a user to submit an action, e.g. complete a step;
  • to communicate that the submitted action is in progress through the pulsing animation;
  • to show when the action has completed successfully, and;
  • to allow the user to undo their submitted action.
      %span.m-progress-toggle-btn__label Mark as complete

      %span.m-progress-toggle-btn__label Undo

    %svg{ class:"m-progress-toggle-btn__tick", xmlns:"", viewBox:"0 0 37 31.3" }
      %path{ fill:"#fff", d:"M31.2 2.3L12.4 21.9l-7-6.7L2 18.7l10.6 10.2L34.7 5.8z" }